The Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers
walkedaround Mason City, Iowa to photograph the
River City Sculptures on Parade
in Mason City, Iowa
August 4, 2017

River City Sculptures on Parade was an exciting exhibit of outdoor sculptures displayed year-round in Mason City, Iowa. The two RV Gypsies experienced the unique sculpture works of artists from all over the country on a self-guided walking tour that started in Downtown and looped through the cultural crescent which included historical architecture, an art museum a public library and The Music Man Square.

The two RV Gypsies somehow missed photographing sculptures #1 and #2.

#3Plaque for the sculpture titled Hope

sculpture titled Hope

#4Plaque for the sculpture titled Maestro

Lee Duquette playing on Maestro

#5Plaque for the sculpture titled What Does The Nose Know

sculpture titled What Does The Nose Know

#6Plaque for the sculpture titled Seated Couple

Karen Duquette hugging the Seated Couple

#7Plaque for the sculpture titled Ralph Moose

sculpture titled Ralph Moose

#8Plaque for the sculpture titled Ravens Voyage

sculpture titled Ravens Voyage

#9Plaque for the sculpture titled Arctic Huntress

Arctic Huntress - an owl

#10Plaque for the sculpture titled Green Seeker

sculpture titled Green Seeker - a golfer

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