The Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers
enjoyed Casey, Illinois
oddities and some of the World's biggest stuff
more - for their second time here
May 25, 2022

Illinois map showing location of CseyUSA map showing location of Illinois

Welcome to Illinois sign Cesey sign

The sign below tells about the attractions in Casey. However, the two RV Gypsies did not find the the shoes. They are inside a candy shop. But they did see the other interesting things, plus many not listed on the sign.

attractions sign

Below: Giant Antlers. Visitors are welcome to sit inside the base of the antlers, but Lee Duquette did not stop the car for Karen Duquette to get out because sometimes Lee Duquette says their RV is just too big to stop or park anyplace.

giant antlers giant antlers

Below: A quick drive-by photo

A drive-up window for a pretzel store

A quick drive-by photo
drive-up window for pretzels
old train car trolley
old cars
US military poster flowers
Historic National Road sign big bike rack
purple house Casey watet tower

Below: Karen Duquette swinging in a big bird cage. But this was NOT the first time she has been in a big bird cage. The first time was in Voyagers National Park in Minnesota in 2012. Those photos can be seen through this link, but be sure to return here because a lot of the World's Largest Oddities are shown below. A movie was taken of Karen and Lee in the bird cage together. Maybe someday Karen will learn how to post the movie. (Any help out there???)

Karen Duquette in a bird cage Karen Duquette in a bird cage

Below: Karen Duquette with a large pencil at 32.5 feet long. The sharp tip is sealed in a plexiglass cone. But it is not the world's biggest, and the town of Casey has never made that claim. There is a pencil in Malaysia that is 65 feet long, and a pencil at the City Museum in St, Louis that is 75 feet long, The two RV Gypsies have NOT seen the other two pencils. BUT she did see a 24-foot tall, 250 pound pencil in Washington state and another big pencil in in McKean, Pennsylvania.

Karen Duquette and a large pencil
Karen Duquette and a large pencil
Karen Duquette and a large pencil Karen Duquette and a large pencil
Giant Pokeball sign
Karen Duquette and a Giant Pokeball

Below: This yardstick is 36 feet long, instead of the standard yardstick that is 36 inches long.

36 foot long yardstick

Below: The World's Largest Rocking Chair weighs 46,000 pounds and is made out of recycled wood and pipe. We learned that in order to set the record, it had to rock, so it was pushed by several strong men during Guinness' visit. It was roped off when the two RV Gypsies visited, so nobody can touch it or get up on it, and since it is 56 feet and 6 inches tall, that would be hard to do anyway.

A full time master carpenter employed by a local trucking firm did most of the woodwork.
Note: Fanning, Missouri used to have the largest chair at 42 feet, 1-inch tall.

46,000 pound rocking chair World's Largest Rocking Chair
big things small town poster World's Largest Rocking Chair

Below: Lee Duquette on an 82-foot long teeter-totter that can hold about a dozen people and has an amazing balance mechanism that will tip the fenced-in platform according to the weight of people on each half. On weekend's in the warm weather months there is often a volunteer attendant on site who can control the see-saw. The two RV Gypsies thought It would be fun to take a brief ride on it, but there was no attendant around on this date.

teeter-totter notice Lee Duquette on the teeter-totter

Below: The wind chime stands over 55 feet high. The two RV Gypsies did not take a lot of photos of it because they have the photos from their 2013 visit, plus history of the wind chimes. A link to that page is at the bottom of the next page. (This is a 2-page site) It contains history about the wind chimes. That page also has the largest golf tee and more. This was only a one-day pass-through trip for the Two RV Gypsies, as was the 2013 visit, but they had more time to spare this time around. Be sure to visit 2013 and learn more about this wind chime, through the link at the bottom of the NEXT page.

worlds largest wind chime
big rocking horse sign big rocking horse
big rocking horse sign Karen Duquette and the big rocking horse

Below: Lee Duquette by a barber pole that was certified by Guinness as the World's Largest in September 2019. It is 15-feet high.

Worlds Largest Barber Pole
Lee Duquette and a giant mouse trap Lee Duquette and a giant mouse trap

Below: The World's Largest Golf Club used a street light pole for its handle.

World's Largest Golf Club scenery in Casey, Illinois

Below: Some of the stairs leading to the World's Largest Mailbox. At 5,700 cubic feet, this mailbox has been certified as the world's largest by Guinness World Records. It is a working mailbox. When visitors mail a card or letter from inside, the red flag on the outside goes up.

stairs leading to the World's Largest Mailbox
the World's Largest Mailbox mail slot

Below: Karen Duquette inside the mailbox. It is open from 8 - 3 daily. (times may be subject to change)

Karen Duquette inside the World's Largest Mailbox the World's Largest Mailbox
the World's Largest Mailbox sign

The key below is an exact scaled-up replica of the artist's own truck key.

giant car key

look below

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