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The two RV Gypsies and family
rented a 4-bedroom cabin
in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
to celebrate September birthdays
September 2 - 3, 2022

Note: If anyone other than Karen Duquette took photos, they were not given to her for this Dollywood site. Actually the family does not even check on this website in general. Its main purpose is for the two RV Gypsies to remember where they have been so they know if they wish to return there or not, and secondly to help anyone who visits the website to decide if they want to go to a certain place or not.

Foothills Parkway sign

Welcome to Tennessee sign

Below: For some strange reason, Karen Duquette likes to take photographs inside tunnels.

tunnel in the tunnel

Below: The two RV Gypsies' first look at the cabin. They were the first family members to arrive. Notice all the parking spaces out front, all for just this one cabin.

Smoky Mountain cabins sign Smoky Mountain cabin

Below: Being first to arrive gave Karen Duquette time to take some photographs.

sign inside the cabin

Below: A fully stocked kitchen (except for food of course) and a big wooden table with seats on all four sides. Behind the closed door by the table was a stackable washer and dryer which the family did not use.

Dollywood cabin kitchen Dollywood cabin inside

Adjacent to the kitchen is the living room. Below are two views of the living room as seen looking down from the loft. The living room had a couch, two chairs, coffee table with coasters, a big TV, and a fireplace (which was not used on this trip). Also seen in the photo is the washer/dryer by the front door, and the kitchen serving counter with stools and the dining table.

view from loft Dollywood cabin view from loft

Below: The loft from which the above two photos were taken. This was Alex's room. It had a nice back porch with two rocking chairs and an amazing view of the mountains. The room is reached from a spiral staircase in the living room.

loft bedroom loft rocking chairs

Below: A glance of a bit of Alex's outside porch and the 3-story spiral staircase leading down to the living room, which then continues down to the game room. The open door in the bottom of the photo leads to the two RV Gypsies' bedroom. Standing just outside of that bedroom, the second photo of the spiral staircase is looking towards the living room fireplace and the second bedroom on the first floor. At the bottom of that photo, a bit of the staircase going to the game room can be seen.

sprial staircase sprial staircase

Below: Then of course the same spiral staircase continues down into the play room. What an An amazing 3-story spiral staircase.

sprial staircase

Below: The two RV Gypsies' bedroom (the bedroom door is shown to the right of the spiral staircase in one of the photos above). Just inside the entry to the bedroom, there is a door going out to the back porch. This bedroom had two beds, a big bathroom, a nice closet, a dresser with radio, lamps, and plenty of space. There were three other bedrooms. Renee and John's room was on this same floor, located on the other side of the living room. It had one really big bed but otherwise was the same as this one. Alex had the bedroom in the loft (as shown earlier on this page), and Kristen and kids had the bedroom off of the game room downstairs (which is shown later on this page). All bedrooms had their own bathroom, closet and privacy.

the two RV Gypsies' bedroom
Karen Duquette taking a photo

Each bedroom had a bathtub with jets, a sink, toilet, big shower, and were stocked with toilet paper, soap, washcloths and towels.

bathtub and sink

Below: The outside back porch. The photo was taken from just outside the two RV Gypsies bedroom door with a view looking down the staircase that goes to the lower level (the game room), plus the view all the way to the hot tub at the far end. The hot tub leaked, making it "rain" outside the gameroom door below. It barely had any bubble strength, was not very warm, and was very noisy. Karen Duquette tried it only once and did not like it at all. Plus it was right outside of Renee and John's bedroom (which had an exit to the porch), and Renee did not like the noise, as they go to bed earlier then Karen does.

Lee Duquette on the back porch rocking chairs and porch

Below: Amazing views from the back porch shown above - taken on several different days, depicting different weather.

Smoky Mountains view from the back porch Smoky Mountains view from the back porch
Smoky Mountains view from the back porch Smoky Mountains view from the back porch
Smoky Mountains view from the back porch Smoky Mountains view from the back porch
Smoky Mountains view from the back porch Smoky Mountains view from the back porch
Smoky Mountains view from the back porch clouds
Smoky Mountain view from the back porch
sunset sunset

Below: The very long back porch (which was shown earlier form the other end by the door to the two RV Gypsies' bedroom.) Two rocking chairs, a 3rd chair and a small table was near the two double doors going into the living room,. Just past the rocking chair which Karen Duquette was sitting in would be the door into Renee and John's room, which was near the hot tub that is not shown in the photo below.

Karen Duquette on the back porch

Below: The lowest level - the game room and another bedroom and bathroom. (There were 4 bedrooms in total in the cabin. )

bedroom off the game room

The two photos below show the back door and indoor spiral staircase. Going out the back door, anyone could use the outside staircase instead of using the spiral staircase to get up to the porch outside of the living room's back door.

spiral staircase spiral staircase

Below: Looking down from the inside spiral staircase at the pool table.

pool table in the game room pool table in the game room
foosball table giant TV in the game room
hockey table hockey table
birthday kids playing a game speakers

Below: Time to celebrate three birthdays, with a birthday cake and cupcakes. Yes, there were lots of presents for the kids, but they will not be posted here.

Lee Duquette and his birthday cake

Lee Duquette and his birthday cake
birthday cake and sparklers the grandson of the two RV Gypsies

Below: Lee Duquette's birthday gift from Renee and John was the cost of the cabin and Dollywood tickets. Very Generous and much appreciated.

Lee Duquette and his birthday card special birthday gift

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