The Two RV Gypsies
enjoyed a private tour of
American Celebration on Parade

located near the Shenandoah Caverns in Virginia
July 12, 2023

Open seasonally, Memorial Day through Labor Day, 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. with last tour beginning at 4 p.m. - Check their website for more information on hours, cost, etc. because times may change)

Below: The two RV Gypsies drove past Earl's Place, which is located on the property of Shenandoah Caverns near The American Celebration on Parade. It is an Air-B&B that features 7 bedrooms and 3 baths plus an outdoor grill and fire pit. Of course the two RV Gypsies have NO reason to stay in an Air-B&B because they live and travel in their RV. But Karen Duquette likes to photograph as much as possible and provide as much information, history and photos to her viewers to help then travel and vacation in their own style.

Earl's Place

Below: American Celebration on Parade is one of America’s most unique museums and offers an up-close experience with parade floats from famous national celebrations including Presidential Inaugural Parades.

But before entering the building, the two RV Gypsies enjoyed the outside area of The American Celebration on Parade building. They liked the flags and the Statue of Liberty. Also shown below is a close-up of the blue label hiding behind the tree on the right side of the building (which is the same as the blue label on the left side of the building).

American Celebration on Parade building American Celebration on Parade sign

Below: Lee Duquette stood by a Statue of Liberty (also shown in the above photo) to show its height.

a Statue of Liberty

Below: Entering the American Celebration on Parade Building, Karen Duquette immediately saw the giant Jester above the ticket entry booth.

Jester Jester
Jester and Lee Duquette

Below: While waiting for the guided tour to begin, of course Karen Duquette had to take a bunch of photos of the entry lobby, starting to the right of the payment booth shown above.

Seal of the President of the USA lobby of Anerican Celebration on Parade

Below: Close-up views of the figurines located above the mantel in the above photo

figurines figurines

Below: A Inauguration seal located on the side of the brick wall shown above. (Note: Restrooms were also behind this area).

Presidential and Vice President of Inauguration seal 2005

Below: To the left of the payment booth, Karen Duquette photographed a drummer and the Seal of the Vice President of the United States, which hung on the wall next to the drummer.

drummer VP of the USA seal

Below: A water fountain by the front window of the waiting room and an interesting clock.

water fountain tall clock

Below: An interesting area on the left side of the waiting room

hidden animals wildlife display
wildlife display frog
Lee Duquette and a sail boat sailboat

Below: Then it was time for the guide to take the two RV Gypsies through the main room. But first, there were several things hanging on a wall that the guide talked about, but of course, Karen Duquette's interest was drawn to a characteristic drawing of Elvis on a float.

Elvis and pelicans

look below

There are a lot of photos in this section, so to help the photos load faster, they have been put on several pages. So please continue below for the amazing tour of floats and more.

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