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The two RV Gypsies explored the town of
Harrison Hot Springs
and the legend of Sasquatch
July 10, 2015
(plus a flashback to May 15, 2009)

Sasquatch Country: The beautiful City of Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia, which is often referred to as the "Sasquatch Capital of the World" because of its long history of Sasquatch sightings.

Karen Duquette and Sasquatch Karen Duquette and Sasquatch

laughing clipart dudeKaren Duquette took a rest alongside of Sasquatch, but suddenly realized that she was sitting just under his big old smelly armpit.

Karen Duquette and Sasquatch location of where Karen saw Sasquatch
Hot Springs Harry - Sasquatch check it outabout Sasquatch Country
sign: Sasquatch encounters
sign: Sasquatch encounters
IMPORTANTbullhorn dude
avoid Sasquatch lessons Sasquatch encounters

The city of Harrison Hot Springs is just 25 minutes west of Hope. The biggest draw here are the hot springs. Guests at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort have access to the resort's PRIVATE pool which is pumped from one of the two springs in the area. Daytrippers can access the public pool whose water comes from a hot spring, but there is a charge. The indoor pools are cooled to 38 degrees Celsius. The natural springs - named Potash and Sulphur - are 40 and 65 degrees Celsius, respectively. The two RV Gypsies did not use the public pool. Karen Duquette prefers outdoor hot springs.

directions to Harrison Hot Springs
sign about Mt. Cheam sign about Mt. Cheam

Below: Harrison Lake and Mt. Cheam - The 65-kilometre long Harrison Lake is considered the "Jewel of the Fraser Valley".

Harrison Lake and Mt. Cheam Harrison Lake and Mt. Cheam
the beach at Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Watersports: The only floating water park in southwestern British Columbia has a full range of Harrison's best water sport rentals: Banana Tube Rides, Blaster Bumper Boats, See Doos and more. The two RV Gypsies did not do this, but they enjoyed watching the kids have lots of fun. There is a charge.

Harrison Watersports Harrison Watersports
Blaster Bumper Boat Harrison Watersports

Below: What beauty to behold! - The flower, not Karen! Ha Ha!

Karen Duquette flower

Canadian Honkers were everywhere.

Canadian Honkers Canadian Honkers
Canadian Honkers Canadian Honkers
Canadian Honkers Canadian Honkers
Canadian Honkers

The two RV Gypsies had also been to Harrison Hot Springs May 15, 2009 because they wanted to see the well-advertised sand castle competitions, but they could not get anywhere near the city because of the amount of traffic, cars, people, and lack of parking. So they just enjoyed a beautiful area just outside of the main part of the city. In 2015, the lady at the Visitor Center told them that they no longer have the sand castle competitions.

Harrison Hot Springs May 2009 Harrison Hot Springs May 2009
Harrison Hot Springs May 2009 Harrison Hot Springs May 2009
Harrison Hot Springs May 2009
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