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Brandywine Falls, British Columbia, Canada
July 13, 2015

FYI: There are three photos on this page that are larger than normal and may take a moment to load. They contain important information about things in the area, and had to be large enough for viewers to read. Please be patient while they preload. If the internet is real slow, viewers can bypass the informative signs and just view photos of Brandywine Falls, but the signs are very interesting and worth the wait.

water wave divider bar

Acclaimed as one of British Columbia's most beautiful waterfalls, Brandywine Falls is located to the east of Highway 99 in Brandywine Provincial Park, 30 miles north of Squamish and 8 miles south of Whistler. It is a short, easy trail to view the falls from a viewing platform.

Brandywine Falls Provincial Park sign hiking sign

Below: A big sign about Black Tusk; the mountain that the two RV Gypsies saw while looking out the front window of their RV at the campground. It is probably the most famous mountain in the area, and easily recognized. It is where Thunderbird lives, which is also a big photo here. Each photo may take a moment to load, because Karen Duquette wanted to keep the two photos big enough for viewers to read.

informative sign about Black Tusk mountaiin
informative sign about Thunderbird
Thunderbird and Lee Duquette
informative sign about Thunderbird

Below: A very small covered bridge leading to Brandywine Falls.

A very small covered bridge leading to Brandywine Falls A very small covered bridge leading to Brandywine Falls and Karen Duquette

Below: View from each side of the covered bridge shown above.

view from covered bridge view from covered bridge
flow from the falls
the creek the creek

Below: There was space in-between the two yellow signs to walk through and cross over the railroad tracks. The two RV Gypsies had no problem doing that, and all was fine heading towards the falls. But on the way back, when the two TV Gypsies got to this area, something was in the air and both Karen and Lee starting chocking, sneezing, and had trouble breathing.

trail crosses railroad tracks

Below: The two RV Gypsies on the large observation deck overlooking Brandywine Creek's emphatic plunge into its pool 230 feet below. Hardy hikers can trek to the base following the detailed directions in the Greenfield guide, but the two RV Gypsies just loved the view from where they were at the time.

the two RV Gypsies at Brandywine Falls Karen Duquette at Brandywine Falls

There are two stories about how Brandywine got its name; the first tells of two railway surveyors who in 1910, waged a bottle of brandy on who could come closer to estimating the actual height of the cataract, and the winner got to name the falls.

The alternative tale claims that two old-timers stopped at the unnamed falls in 1896 to brew some booze and imbibed so much brandy and wine they ended up there for the entire day.

the two RV Gypsies at Brandywine Falls the two RV Gypsies at Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls Brandywine Falls

A short walk around the corner gave a different view of Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls Brandywine Falls
Lee Duquette

The River

The River The River

Black Tusk

Black Tusk Black Tusk

Black Tusk

Black Tusk Black Tusk
Black Tusk
view from the falls view from the falls
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