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The two RV Gypsies relaxed at
Lussier River Hot Springs
Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park
British Columbia, Canada

August 8-9, 2015

Lussier Hot Springs is a free, quaint, undeveloped hot spring just inside Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park in British Columbia, a province of Canada. Access is east off Highway 93/95 at the Whiteswan Provincial Park exit (located 22 km north of Skookumchuck or 8 km south of Canal Flats).

sign: Whiteswam Lake Provincial Park

The two RV Gypsies drove their toad on the Whiteswan Forestry Road up to the hot springs. The road is a gravel / dirt logging road that has curves and is sometimes narrow with a cliff instead of a shoulder. It is accessible during the summer season with any vehicle, however, the two RV Gypsies did hit a rock in the road that broke a bolt on the undercarriage of their car and although they were able to drive back to the campground, the car had to be towed to a repair place, and they had a big repair bill. Accessibility to this road in the winter months is dependent on snow depth, 4WD and chains required.

the road to Lussier Hot Springs the road to Lussier Hot Springs

It is a 17 km drive up the road. The photos below show part of the narrow winding section climbing up the Lussier Gorge towards the end of the drive. As it is a forestry road, log trucks are sometimes hauling. The drive took the two RV Gypsies about 40 minutes.

the road to Lussier Hot Springs the road to Lussier Hot Springs

There is a parking lot with two maintained pit toilets situated above the springs. Then there is a 150 meter dirt trail down to the springs, and the trail back up feels mighty steep. (Note that there is camping a bit further up the road, but no spaces big enough for the two RV Gypsies' RV. They parked in Canal Flats).

sign: Lussier River Hot Springs the steep tail down to the hot springs and river

The springs themselves are made up of several rock pools with gravel bottoms. The hottest pool is up to 43C, and then the water cools as it flows down through the rocks into the other pool towards the Lussier River. The small, icy river makes an excellent cold plunge, that only the daring attempt. Karen Duquette did put her feet in the river, Lee Duquette did not.

Lussier River Lussier River

The first day the two RV Gypsies arrived at Lussier Hot Springs, it was not full of people at first because the two RV Gypsies must have gotten there when almost everyone had gone home to eat. Many people returned later though.

Lussier Hot Springs Lussier Hot Springs

Karen Duquette tried out the hottest area, while Lee Duquette took a few photos from above.

Karen in Lussier Hot Springs Karen in Lussier Hot Springs
It's a Beautiful Dayanimated sun
Karen in Lussier Hot Springshot
Karen in Lussier Hot Springs

After a bit, Karen Duquette joined Lee Duquette in the cooler area, but she did not stay there that long. She preferred the hotter area.

the two RV Gypsies at Lussier Hot Springs

Below: The second day at Lussier Hot Springs, there were a lot of people everywhere.

Lussier Hot Springs Lussier Hot Springs and Lussier River
Lussier Hot Springs Lee Duquette at Lussier Hot Springs

Below: Lee Duquette found a nice little nook to enjoy in the cooler area of the hot springs.

Lee found a nice little nook Lee found a nice little nook

A little ways up the road from the hot springs, the two RV Gypsies found a picnic area by the water. Then they returned to the hot tub.

lunch by the river lunch by the river
lunch by the river lunch by the river

Below: A little squirrel provided the two RV Gypsies with lunch time entertainment.

squirrel squirrel

sad crying face clipartThe two RV Gypsies could not return here on the third day because Karen Duquette got BIT by something at the hot springs and her right hand swelled up. They went to the emergency room at the hospital BUT because Karen was American, they wanted almost $1,000 up front, so they went to a nearby walk-in clinic and it only cost Karen $75. She saw a doctor, got medication (another $75) and it took several days for the swelling to go down in her hand. Lee Duquette had to rent a car because of the damage done to their car on the road out of the hot springs. So even though there was no charge to use the hot springs, it turned out to be an expensive event.

look below

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