Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers
at Fox Den Acres Campground
390 Wilson Fox Road
New Stanton, PA
June 11, 2021

USA map showing location of PennsylvaniaMap of PA showing location of New Stanton

sign for Fox Den Acres Campground sign for Fox Den Acres Campground

Below: The entry into Fox Den Acres Campground. It was a very tight turn into it. Leaving, it was hard to see if traffic was coming.

GPS location look from the road into Fox Den Acres Campground
Fox Den Acres Campground map

Fox Den Acres Campground is privately owned and operated. You must have a permit to fish in the pond. Roads and sites were gravel. No fishing in the lower lake after dark. Garbage must be taken to the dumpster. Most standard campground rules applied. The toad of the two RV Gypsies had to be parked sideways to fit on their site, even though it is a small car.

gravel road and the toad of the two RV Gypsies
The RV of the two RV Gypsies The toad and RV of the two RV Gypsies

Below: The two RV Gypsies were assigned to be in the bottom part of this campground. Since they never use any part of the campground except their site, they were totally unaware that there was an upper section. They only noticed it on their last day, so they took a quick ride up the hill and saw a building with showers and bathrooms. Plus a swimming pool, a lake and RVs that looked like they were full-time, permanent at this campground. All they know for sure is that the area they were in did not have a laundry room and no TV reception.

showers in upper level pool in upper level
pond in upper level
look below

This is not a linear site, so there are always choices of where to go next: Below are two choices.

please continue on to the next adventure of the two RV Gypsies Continue on to Pittsburgh, PA and the Segway tour of the city.


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