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The two RV Gypsies treated their great-grandson
to a "snow day" in Pembroke Pines, Florida

December 3, 2016

North Pole sign and Anthony

There were thousands of people here and all lines were very long. First there was an extremely long line that went around the block to get in to pay a small entry fee. Then there was another long line to climb the snow hill. Small groups of people were admitted to the snow hill and got about five minutes to climb the snow hill or make snowballs before another group came in.

snow hill

snow hill

snow hill

snow hill

snow hill

Anthony made it to the top of the snow hill and was very proud of himself. Then he had fun sliding down the hill.

at the top of the snow hill

sliding down the snow hill

Then Karen Duquette and her great-grandson Anthony made a few snowballs and tossed them at each other.

making snowballs

Karen Duquette hit by a snowball

Next, after standing in another long line, it was on to the bounce house, which Anthony really enjoyed.

a high bouncer in the bounce house

fun in the bounce hous

stuck behind the net

The final event here was the alligator roller coaster ride which Anthony got to ride three times despite the long line. Each time they called for a single rider, Anthony managed to get on.

alligator roller coaster ride

Anthony - hands up

When one of the boys noticed Karen Duquette taking Anthony's picture, the boy said "photos" to the other boys and they all looked towards the camera.

the boys wanted their photo taken

ready to go

Anthony on the Ninja train

Leaving the Snow-Fest, Anthony saw the big rock in front of Broward College and wanted to climb up on the rocks. So Karen Duquette assisted him while Lee Duquette took a photo. A sliver of the moon can also be seen in the photo. They had arrived at Snow-Fest around 3 p.m. and by they time they left it was dark - about 7 p.m.

Karen Duquette and Anthony on a big rock

Then it was time to go to "Christmas at the Oasis"
a church located at 12201 SW 14th Street,
Pembroke Pines, Florida


large ornaments

Christmas at the Oasis was open for a full 16 days and had amazing light displays, about 50,000 lights and more, all throughout the grounds. It was free entry to walk around and see everything. However, there was a fee for the train ride through the grounds. This was so much more than just lights. This year, 2016, was the 25th Anniversary of this event.


Anthony said this was, "the best day of his life"!

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