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sample of a wolf print
Wolf Park
4004 E. 800 N.
Battle Ground, IN 47920
Wolf Park is a nonprofit education and research facility which was established in 1972 by Dr. Erich Klinghammer. Along with research and seminars on wolf behavior, particularly reproductive and inter-pack social behavior, Wolf Park provides interpretive programs to school groups throughout the year by prearrangement. The park is home to several packs of gray wolves, plus foxes and bison.
entrance to Wolf Park
sign - welcome to Wolf Park
sign - 4 wolves in this den
Wolfgang the wolf
The wolves were kept in semi-natural enclosures
Wolfgang the wolf
Wolfgang the wolf
Wolfgang the wolf
Wolfgang the wolf
Wolf Park claims to be the only known facility where wolves are allowed to test a herd of healthy American bison. Though the half-ton bison have little to fear, visitors see how wolves test prey and how bison protect themselves against predators. Unfortunately, the two RV Gypsies did NOT get to see this demonstration because it is only held on Sundays, May through November, and the two RV Gypsies will not be in this area on a Sunday - after all, they are RV Gypsies and must move along to a new adventure. (See the poster below)
wall collage showing wolf and bison demonstration
Flowers at Wolf Park
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Wabash and Erie Canal
Delphi Historic Trail and a stone arch
plus the 1873 Paint Creek Bridge and the Suspension Bridge)
Monticello, Indiana
Wolf Park, Battle Ground, Indiana
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