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USA map showing location of WVmap showing location of Huntingotn, West Virginia
The two RV Gypsies in
Huntington, West Virginia
October 2, 2011
Holderby's Landing, commonly referred to and located at the Huntington Riverfront Marina (Huntington Yacht Club) is located at the 12th Street flood wall along the beautiful Ohio River in Huntington, West Virginia. Huntington is a city in Cabell and Wayne counties in the U.S. state of West Virginia, along the Ohio River. The city is also the home of Marshall University.
The 12th Street flood wall by the Ohio River - and Holderby's Landing
the 12th St flood wall
the 12th St flood wall

Holderby's Landing

sign - Holderby's Landing
Huntington Riverfront Marina
Lee Duquette at Huntington Riverfront Marina
Huntington Riverfront Marina
Huntington Riverfront Marina

at Holderby's Landing

The East Huntington Bridge (officially the Frank Gatski Memorial Bridge, also called the East End Bridge or the 31st Street Bridge) is a 900-foot cable-stayed bridge crossing the Ohio River at Huntington, West Virginia. It carries WV 106 on the West Virginia approach and OH 775 on the Ohio approach.
The East Huntington Bridge
The East Huntington Bridge
Sights seen by the two RV Gypsies while driving down the road
green giraffe
Pink elephant
Earlier, the two RV Gypsies saw trucks hauling parts of the giant windmills, but weren't able to take the photo. The two RV Gypsies are guessing this is part of the body of the windmill.
over-sized truck
Karen Duquette
continue on to the next adventure of the two RV GypsiesThe two RV Gypsies walked across the New River Gorge on the under-structure of the World Famous New River Gorge Arch Bridge in West Virginia; across the canyon on a 24-inch-wide catwalk, 851 feet above the river