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Highway sign announcing The Enchanted Highway

The two RV Gypsies arrived at
North Dakota's Offbeat Roadside Folk Art

on The Enchanted Highway
in Regent, North Dakota
June 6, 2012
The Enchanted Highway features the World's Largest Metal Sculptures produced by artist Gary Greff. There was no charge to drive along The Enchanted Highway to see the fabulous sculptures.

history bookGary is a native of Regent, North Dakota and a teacher and school principal and had never done any art work or welding prior to 1989. He then began dreaming of ways to bring people and businesses to the small community of Regent -- fearing the town might someday die if it relied solely on farming. A hay bale strongman built by a farmer inspired him. He watched people pull off the road to snap photos of the oddity. He wondered how many people would stop for huge metal sculptures. He began designing, welding, and painting. The Tin Family was erected in 1991; Teddy Rides Again in 1993; Pheasants on the Prairie in 1996; Grasshoppers in the Field in 1999; Geese in Flight in 2001; and Deer Crossing in 2002. He was working on Fisherman's Dream from 2003 to 2006, and it is now erected.

The Enchanted Highway is off Interstate 94 (Exit 72) approximately 20 miles east of Dickinson, North Dakota. It then extends for 32 miles south to the town of Regent. The sculptures are spread out along the 32 miles of The Enchanted Highway.


The Enchanted Highway had eight exhibits at this time. Below are pictures and descriptions of each of the eight (8) sites in the order that the two RV Gypsies photographed them.

1. Geese in Flight

This site is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World's Largest Scrap Metal Sculpture. The sun burst is made of over 300 lengths of well pipe and more that 4.4 miles of welds holding everything together. The geese and hills are made from oil well tanks. More than $9,000 in paint was used to complete the sculpture. The sculpture is 110 feet tall and 154 feet long and weighs 78.8 tons (157,661 pounds). A large goose has a wing span of 32 feet and is 20 feet long.

the sculpture Geese in Flight as seen from the highway
The dirt road leading up to this sculpture is lined with birds.
Karen Duquette standing
by the Geese in Flight sculpture
The dirt road leading up to this sculpture is lined with birds.10
Karen Duquette standing  by the Geese in Flight Sculpture
The Geese in Flight sculpture on the Enchanted Highway
2. Deer Crossing

This site displays a white tail and mule deer. This sculpture uses a technique known as shadowing, which removes pieces of metal from the sculpture to accent the muscles and different parts of the deer's body. The metal used to create the deer originated from seven rusty oil well tanks.

The buck is 70 feet tall and 60 feet long.
The doe is 50 feet tall and 50 feet long.

Sculpture entitled Deer Crossing on the Enchanted Highway

Karen Duquette under the sculpture entitled Deer Crossing
Karen Duquette under the sculpture entitled Deer Crossing
3. Grasshoppers Delight

This site has a number of grasshoppers in a wheat field setting. The largest grasshopper is 40 feet tall and 50 feet long. There are two medium sized grasshoppers that are 12 feet tall and 15 feet long. There are also three smaller grasshoppers. The grasshoppers were made from four oil field tanks.

Grasshoppers Delight  on The Enchanted Highway
the big grasshopper
part of Grasshoppers Delight sculpture
Enchanted Highway Grasshopper
small grasshopper on Enchanted Highway
4. Fisherman's Dream recreates a lake surface 50 feet above the North Dakota prairie, beneath which swim an assortment of 30-foot-long game fish: a northern walleye, a small mouth bass, a bullhead, a bluegill, and a salmon. A rainbow trout, 70 feet long, jumps through the surface of the suspended "lake."
panorama of Fiserham's Dream
Fisherman's Dream on Enchanted Highway
Fisherman's Dream on Enchanted Highway
closeup of big fish and fisherman
close-up of fisherman in boat at Fisherman's Dream
Fisherman's Dream on the Enchanted Highway
close-up of big fish
more big fish at Fisherman's dream
sunken ship at Fisherman's Dream
5. Pheasants on the Prairie

This site containing contains four pheasant sculptures was created to honor the bird that is in abundance in this area. The rooster stands 40 feet tall and 70 feet long and weighs 13,000 pounds.
The hen stands 35 feet tall and 60 feet long and weighs 12,000 pounds.
The chicks stand 15 feet tall and 20 feet long and weigh 5,000 pounds.

Pheasants on the Prairie  on Enchanted Highway
Karen Duquette by the four pheasants on the Enchanted Highway
Karen Duquette under the rooster - daddy pheasant
Karen Duquette under the rooster - daddy pheasant
laughing animated figureKaren Duquette gave a baby Pheasant a big kiss
Karen Duquette gives a baby Pheasant a big kiss
Karen Duquette gives a baby Pheasant a big kiss

Lee Duquette and the Mommy Pheasant.

Lee Duquette and the Hen - Mommy Pheasant
Below: The Landscape and the two RV Gypsies' truck by the sculpture entitled Pheasants on the Prairie
landscape on the Enchanted Highway
the truck (toad) of the two RV Gypsies
6. Theodore Roosevelt Rides Again

This site depicts a silhouette of Theodore Roosevelt on his horse and a stage coach. The silhouette is made from 1-3/4 inch well pipe. Teddy stands 51 feet tall and weighs 9,000 pounds.

Theodore Roosevelt Rides Again  Sculpture on the Enchanted Highway
Lee Duquette approaching the Theodore Roosevelt sculpture
Karen Duquette by the stage coach on the Enchanted Highway
Karen Duquette and Theodore Roosevelt sculpture on the Enchanted Highway
the toad of the two RV Gypsies and the stagecoach

7. The Worlds Largest Tin Family was the first site to decorate the Enchanted Highway. The Tin Man stands 45 feet tall and has 16 telephone poles anchoring him to the ground. His cap measures 6 feet in circumference and is 5 feet tall.

The Tin Lady stands 44 feet tall and 12 telephone poles hold her up. Her hair is made of barb wire and her earrings are augers.

The tin boy stands 23 feet tall.

Lee Duquette and the Tin Family on the Enchanted Highway
Lee just loved the hair of the tin Mom

The mom of The Tin Family

close-up of the Tin Mom's hair

of the Tin Mom
and the Tin Son
closeup of the Tin boy

Karen Duquette by the Tin Lady.

Karen Duquette checking out the Tin Mom
8. Whirly Gigs: a moving sculpture that visitors can activate by pushing a button - a movie of this has been posted and be reached by using the TOC button above and choosing Movies/Videos. But be sure to return to this page to continue to see the rest of North Dakota adventures.
Whirly Gigs at the end of the Enchanted Highway
The sign outside the gift shop at the end of The Enchanted Highway
Tree outside the gift shop, made by the same artist.
gift  shop entry
tree by the gift shop
by the gift shop
Lee Duquette and a buffalo

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June 2012

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