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The two RV Gypsies in Ontario, Canada
June 13, 2012

mural: The Great Canadian Experience

Since The two RV Gypsies were in International Falls, Minnesota which is near the border of Canada, they decided to take a few hours and drive into Ontario, Canada just because they could.
the Two RV Gypsies approaching the Canadian border
sign: Canadian Border
directional sign in town
Several buildings had nice murals on them, so Karen Duquette quickly snapped a few photos while driving by them.
The two RV Gypsies had not done any research on the area before driving there, and they did not know where to go or what to do, so they just drove a bit and came across Nestor Falls.
Welcome to Nestor Falls sign
sign: stop to see Nestor Falls
Situated on the eastern shore of Lake of the Woods on Sabaskong Bay, Nestor Falls is a beautiful resort community and a jumping off point for great fishing, hunting and outdoor adventures. The Nestor Falls area has a reputation as one of the finest fishing and hunting locations in North America. The town of Nestor Falls sits in the midst of literally dozens of lakes. These lakes are teeming with Canada's most sought after game fish; walleye, small and largemouth bass, lake trout, crappie, northern pike, muskie and perch. The muskie in these lakes have become a fish of such grandeur that the Nestor Falls area is known to many as the muskie capital of the world.
Nestor Falls in Ontario
Karen Duquette at Nestor Falls in Ontario Canada
The two RV Gypsies are not fishermen, but they enjoyed the beauty of the area.
Nestor Falls in Ontario Canada
Nestor Falls in Ontario Canada
Nestor Fallls in Ontario Canada
Lee Duquette at Nestor Falls in Ontario Canada
sign about Heenam Highway
directional sign
On the way back to the border, the two RV Gypsies took a very short walk on an easy path on Doreal Trail because they were told that there was a very pretty lake back there and the path did not look very difficult.
sign: Doreal Trail
sign Ontario nature trail
The Scenery on Doreal Trail in Ontario. Not much of a lake as promised, but more like two small ponds. At least it was an easy walk so it was still a nice day.
pond on Doreal Trail in Ontario Canada
pond on Doral Trail in Ontario Canada
Karen Duquette was walking behind Lee Duquette when she saw something brown come out of the woods and fly right at Lee. As soon as Karen realized that it was a grouse and that Lee was not in any danger, she turned on the camera and snapped a few photos. Karen wished she had been more ready with the camera because then she could have gotten a movie of the attack, but she didn't.
Lee Duquette being attacked by a grouse
the grouse that attacked Lee Duquette
Lee Duquette was taken by surprise and he pointed his stick towards the grouse. The grouse then walked in front of the two RV Gypsies as if to say "follow me". When they got to the roadside clearing, the grouse stepped aside, made a funny noise as if to yell at them, then it ran quickly back into the woods. The two RV Gypsies figure that it was the mama grouse leading them away from her babies, then she quickly ran back to her nest.
Lee Duquette protecting himself from the grouse
the grouse on the Doreal Trail

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