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map of Wisconsin showing location of La Crosse, WI
The two RV Gypsies at Riverside Park
in La Crosse, Wisconsin June 2012

La Crosse is a city in La Crosse County, Wisconsin. The city lies alongside the Mississippi River. La Crosse is a college town.

sign about the sculpture entitled Dancers

he Dancers sculpture in La Crosse WI
Pelican Statue in La Crosse wisconsin
Pelican Statue in La Crosse wisconsin
Learn the Waltz Box Step from the Lesson in the cement sidewalk

Waltz Box Step lesson in the sidewalk

The two RV Gypsies walked Riverside Park by the Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Below is a very long barge.
a long barge on the Mississippi River in La Crosse
a long barge on the Mississippi River in La Crosse
Riverside Park has been opened since 1911, originally called Levee Park and is located off the Mississippi River in downtown LaCrosse. Riverside Park is well known for being a docking station for the Mississippi Queen and the Julia Bell Swain. In addition, the park offers trails, open spaces, and plenty of areas to sit and enjoy the river.
divider rock bar

A Simpler Time: Mississippi River travelers are greeted by two charming children waiting on the levee at Riverside Park and waving their welcome. What could bring more joy to a community than its children at play? These bronze statues were created by artist Michael Martino and were dedicated in 2006. At the feet of the children is a brick plaza lined with the names of the park's generous donors. Be a part of "A Simpler Time" project by sponsoring a brick today.

Riverwalk at La Crosse, Wisconsin

sculpture entitled A Simpler Time
This majestic sculpture soars 38-feet above Riverside Park alongside the Mississippi River. Artist: Elmer Peterson.
Eagle sculpture
Eagle sculpture
Mallard ducks enjoying the Mississippi River at Riverwalk.
a Mallard duck
Mallard ducks
Lee Duquette stood by the 25-foot tall, 25-ton Hiawatha statue that stands guard over the sacred place where the Mississippi, Black, and La Crosse Rivers meet. Artist: Anthony Zimmerhakl.
sign about the Hiawatha statue
Lee Duquette and the Hiawatha statue
sign: Wisconsin's Maritime trails
boat on the Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wisconsin
the Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wisconsin
The water fountains at Riverwalk were always running and people and the birds came to drink out of them.
Bird drinking from water fountain
Bird drinking from water fountain
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Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe!
Riverside Park in La Crosse
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Sunfish Capital of the World
Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden in Cochrane, Wisconsin
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