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Karen Duquette relaxed
at Buena Vista Spa in Colorado
August 29, 2012

Karen Duquette decided to spend time relaxing at the Buena Vista Spa that is nestled in a high mountain natural ecosystem area of the majestic Collegiate Peaks Range, bordered by Cottonwood Creek and surrounded by the San Isabel National Forest.

Karen took time to soak in Colorado's purest, geothermal, gravity-fed mineral spa, noted for its medicinal and therapeutic value. The springs were used for centuries by the Ute Indians as a spiritual gathering retreat.


Below: Karen Duquette in the hottest spa area. The creek runs right behind this area. The U-shaped area is the deepest part of this spa area.

the hottest spa area
Karen Duquette in the hottest spa area

Below: One of the cooler spa areas, usually the busiest. Not Karen Duquette's choice, of course.

One of the cooler spa areas

Below: Karen Duquette briefly relaxed in one of the medium temperature spa areas before returning to the hot area.

Karen Duquette in one of the medium temperature spa areas

A tree in the spa area with
something spooky in it.

This photo shows that even the bottom of the spa areas were rocky.

something spooky in in a tree
rocky spa area

This is the Private spa area
(available for an extra charge)

The shower area had
real Ice-cold water only.

Private spa area
The shower area  behind the spas

This creek can be reached by going around a fence that divides it from the spa area.

creek and picnic area
the creek

There was also a dry steam area, but Karen Duquette forgot to photograph it because she was anxious to just get back into the spa pool and relax. Lee does not like hot spas, so he went for a ride in the car somewhere.

look below

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