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The two RV Gypsies in Minnesota
June 4, 2012

USA map showing location of Minnesotamap showing where Blue Earth, Minnisota is locatedwelcome to Minnesota sign
Plaque and photo at the Minnesota River Valley Overlook
A witness in time plaque
Minnesota River Valley Overlook
Karen Duquette at the overlook

Three semi's in a row, each hauling one wing of a windmill.

part of a windmill being transported
A giant soda bottle at a gas station - to be used to recycle bottles
a giant coke bottle
History bookThe Valley of the Jolly Green Giant refers to the Minnesota River Valley around Le Sueur. Just before the two RV Gypsies dropped down into the valley heading south on U.S. Route 169, an enormous wooden sign of the Jolly Green Giant, along with Sprout, was visible with the caption "Welcome to the Valley". The two RV Gypsies later learned that since the sign poked up through trees, it had become a source of minor controversy as it frightens motorists frequently.

Sixty miles further south on Route 169, in the City of Blue Earth, Minnesota, a statue of the Jolly Green Giant was also open to public view. In 1978, the town of Blue Earth, Minnesota paid $43,000 to erect a 55-foot fiberglass statue of the Jolly Green Giant to commemorate the linking of the east and west sections of Interstate 90. It was permanently erected on July 6, 1979.

The 55-foot tall statue of the Green Giant in Blue Earth, Minnesota was the idea of Paul Hedberg who owned local radio station KBEW. During the summer Hedberg interviewed travelers going through Blue Earth on U.S. Highway 16 for his radio program "Welcome Travelers". At the end of each interview, Hedberg presented guests with a sample of Green Giant corn and peas which had been canned in the local Green Giant plant. A common theme arising in interviews was a desire to see the Green Giant.

In 1977 Hedberg contacted Thomas H. Wyman, President of Green Giant, to see if the company would allow a statue of their corporate symbol to be erected along the new Interstate 90 in Blue Earth. Wyman granted permission under the condition that funds for the project were raised locally. Hedberg approached ten local businessmen with the idea and asked for $5,000 each; within a week the $50,000 had been donated.

It is mounted on a pedestal and has steps so visitors may take a picture standing directly under the Green Giant. Blue Earth is at the end of the Minnesota River Valley and still has a canning plant formerly owned by Green Giant that continues to can corn and peas each summer.

Notice that in the photo below on the left, the two RV Gypsies are so small that they can barely be seen as they stood by the sign under the Jolly Green Giant, so there is a close up of the two RV Gypsies and the sign below on the right.

the two RV Gypsies and The Jolly Green Giant
The two RV Gypsies by a Welcome to Blue Earth Minnesota sign
Putting even giant animals in their place, the Jolly Green Giant dwarfs all other North Dakota / Minnesota highway leviathans. At 55-feet tall, he stands head-and-husk above a rival 2D 2-dimensional green giant in nearby Le Sueur (The Official Birthplace of the Jolly Green Giant).
Can you see the two RV Gypsies in each of the two photos below ???
the two RV Gypsies and the Jolly Green Giant
the two RV Gypsies and the Jolly Green Giant
painted can10
sign about the Jolly Green Giant
June 5, 2012
The City of Redwood Falls is nestled along the fertile and picturesque Minnesota River Valley in northern Redwood County and is part of the nationally recognized Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway. Redwood Falls is approximately 110 miles west/southwest of the Twin Cities metropolitan area.
sign: Redwood Falls
map of Minnesota showing location of Redwood Falls in Redwood County

Although surrounded by miles of rolling scenic prairie land, Redwood Falls also possesses rugged scenic beauty with the Redwood River and Ramsey Creek running through the wooded cliffs and unique geologic formations of Alexander Ramsey Park. Once part of the state park system, Alexander Ramsey Park is now Minnesota's largest municipal park, boasting 217 acres of this splendid beauty. The park is much of the reason the City is known as The Scenic City.

sign - Alexander Ramsey Park in Minnesota

At 219 acres in size, Alexander Ramsey Park is the largest municipal park in the State of Minnesota. Termed as the "Little Yellowstone of Minnesota", the park is enhanced by 1930's Civilian Conservation Corps shelters and bridges and picturesque Ramsey Falls.

Below: The two RV Gypsies on a suspension bridge leading to Ramsey Falls.

Lee Duquette on a suspension bridge leading to Ramsey Falls
Karen Duquette on a suspension bridge leading to Ramsey Falls
The Redwood River forms the spectacular Ramsey Falls which is clearly the highlight of the park.
the spectacular Ramsey Falls
the spectacular Ramsey Falls
the spectacular Ramsey Falls
the spectacular Ramsey Falls
the spectacular Ramsey Falls
Lee Duquette at the Redwood River
Lee Duquette on a bridge over the Redwood River
The Redwood River
the Redwood River leading to Ramsey Falls
the Redwood River
the Redwood River
Driving across the border line from Minnesota into South Dakota, there was only a Continental Divide sign and not any sign saying Welcome to North Dakota.
the two RV Gypsies crossed the Continental Divide

The two RV Gypsies in Fargo, North Dakota