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The two RV Gypsies travelled from Maryland
to Charlottesville KOA in Charlottesville, Virginia
and took a few interesting photos
out the window of their RV
October 16, 2013

The two RV Gypsies drove from Maryland, through a bit of Virginia, then into West Virginia, then back into Virginia again while heading to Charlottesville, Virginia to stay one-night at the Charlottesville KOA. That's three states in one day, yet not a very long drive. Karen Duquette took some photos she thought were interesting out the window of her moving RV.

Virginia welcome sign

AND THE RACE IS ON - The U.S. Mail truck VS. the FedEx truck. dollar signPlace your bets quickly!

The U.S. Mail truck VS. the FedEx truck

Some interesting sayings on a truck and on a trailer

Does this mean he is not a good driver?

Wish we could read the side panel on this trailer

interesting sign on a truck
interesting sign on a trailer

And then a brief ride through Berkeley County in West Virginia

Welcome to West Virginia sign
West Virginia Verterans Memorial Freeway sign and flags
a deer almost crossed the highway

Then it was back into Virginia and driving past the apple water tower in Mount Jackson, Virginia.

the apple water tower in Mount Jackson
the apple water tower in Mount Jackson

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