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The two RV Gypsies live in their RV (their only home)
and wintered in Broward County Florida
Halloween 2013 - New Years Eve December 2013
Florida map showing Broward County

Below: It is hard to believe, but the Tiger Lady took second place to the "Rich Old Bag Lady" in the costume contest in 2013. Maybe she won because she was in a wheelchair. The audience "booed" the judges and told Karen that she should have won. Karen blurred out the wheelchair lady's face for this website so she would not insult her. And Karen Duquette really changed up and improved the look of the Tiger lady in 2022 and won 1st place in the costume contest that year.

Karen Duquette the Tiger Lady
Rich Old Bag Lady

clipart - turkeyThanksgiving 2013 with Family. (Anthony did not want to be in the picture - and of course, Brian Duquette was in our hearts).

Thanksgiving 2013
Miss you Brian Duquette
sunshine faceKaren Duquette at line-dance parties with friends.
Karen at a line-dance party with friends
Karen at a line-dance party with friends

Below: November 10, 2013 - the 48th anniversary of the date that Lee Duquette proposed to Karen Rasmussen at the Marine Corp Ball in Hawaii - so Lee left a note on the bathroom mirror for Karen (who obviously said yes and is now Karen Duquette) to see first thing in the morning.

anniversary note from Lee to Karen

Christmas 2013 - Karen Duquette was Mrs. Santa Claus at a partyMerry Christmas

Karen Duquette is Mrs. Santa Claus
Karen and friend Sandra

Below: Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa Claus gave gifts and candy to the line dancers.

Karen Duquette is Mrs. Santa Claus
Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus

loveKaren Duquette and her great-grandson, Anthony - December 2013

Karen and her great-grandson

Below: Christmas 2013 - Alex Jones and his nephew, Anthony
- the grandson and the great-grandson of the two RV Gypsies.

the grandson and great-grandson of the two RV Gypsies
Anthony- Christmas 2013

Below: Lee Duquette gets a photo T-shirt every year. (Karen Duquette does not). First it was of his grand-daughter Kristen, then it was Kristen and her brother Alex together, and now in 2013, it is his great-grandson Anthony (Kristen's son). Anthony's photo on the T-shirt was fantastic, but they forgot to put the words "I Love" above the words Great Grampy. It does not matter because Lee was already wearing the shirt with pride.

Lee and his Great Grampy t-shirt
Lee and his Great Grampy t-shirt

Below: Lee Duquette and his great-grandson,

Below: Lee Duquette's gift from his daughter Renee.
It talked

Lee and his great-grandson
a grampy doll

New Years Eve 2013 -
Karen Duquette is always ready to party

Below: Karen Duquette with her friends, Monica Ekedahl, Nita Meyers, and Sandi Kovac

Karen Duquette on New Years Eve 2013
Karen Duquette and friends

Below: Karen Duquette and Phyllis Faulkner

Below: Some of the Food

Karen Duquette and her friend Phyllis
some of the party food

Below: More of Karen Duquette's friends joined the party.

Karen Duquette and friends enjoying the meal
Karen Duquette and friends enjoying the meal

Below: Monica Ekedahl, Karen Duquette, plus
Phyllis Faulkner and her daughter Sandi Kovac

Below: Monica, Karen, Phyllis, Sandi, and Nita
with Bruce and Paul behind them -
and of course Lee Duquette seated in front.

Monica, Karen, Phyllis Sandy
The two RV Gypsies and friends

Please continue on to the travels of the two RV Gypsies in the year 2014.