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Melinda and Brooke

Karen Duquette flew from Florida to California to attend her niece's weddding. She arrived early and helped everyone shop, decorate, and set up the outdoors area. Then she went to Brooke's house and helped her and other party members get ready for the ceremony.

collage by Karen Duquette

wedding entrance
July 15, 2017

Below: The yard - decorated by Karen Duquette (Aunt of the bride) and her sister Ilse Blahak (Mother of the bride)

entrance to the back yard entrance from patio to the yard
patio patio cover
chairs dance floor
arch lighted love sign
side of the house side of the house

Money-free gaming tables

Go-Photo Booth

gaming tables go-photo booth
dinner table
Wedding Ceremony

Below are a few snapshots that Karen Duquette (and a few other guests) took at the wedding ceremony. There was also a professional photographer. (Karen was not given those photos)

Karen Duquette walking to her seat

Melinda and her brother Larry

5Karen Duquette walking to her seat Melinda and Larry
Larry, Karen & Becky
Bramlett - Blahak wedding ceremony The wedding kiss

Below: The two Brides

Below: Melinda's brother giving s speech

Mrs and Mrs Bramlett Larry Blahak giving a toast
Cake cutting ceremony
Las Vegas style cake the brides cutting the cake

The two Brides dance

brother and sister dance

The two Brides dance brother and sister dance
dance collage

Family - Austin, Melinda, Brooke, Ilse, Becky, Sonia - and others dancing

Karen's sister Ilse dancing

Becky Adams (who is Karen Duquette and Ilse's niece)
with her companion, Sonia Salinas

Becky Adams and Karen Duquette

Karen's niece Becky Karen Duquette and her niece Becky
Karen Duquette Karen Duquette

Below: The tallest and the shortest

tall and short

The Wedding Party and Family Members

The Wedding Party and Family Members Melinda's-family
Karen, Brooke, Melinda and Ilse

look below

go to the next adventure of the two RV Gypsies After Karen flew back to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the two RV Gypsies drove their RV north, making several one night stops. Then they spent two days in St. Louis, Missouri, (their 2nd time there) and enjoyed the area once again.