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Karen Duquette
entered two different Halloween contests
and won 1st place in each of them
October 30 and 31, 2018

Halloween Dance Party

Below: When Little Red Ridinghood went to visit her Grandma, the big bad wolf attacked her and tore her clothes a bit, but Little Red Ridinghood killed the big bad wolf and carried his head around in a basket as a trophy.

Karen Duquette entered two separate Halloween costume contests on different dates in 2018. She wore the same Little Red Ridinghood costume each time and won first place each time. The first 2 photos below were taken at at a line dance party in North Carolina, and Karen won free line dance lessons for 6 months.

Little Red Ridinghood

Halloween in Waxhaw

Below: This party was at the Moose Lodge in Fort Mill, South Carolina and Little Red Ridinghood won 1st place and a $25 gift certificate,

Halloween in Fort Mill

Below: Halloween fun with the two RV Gypsies great-grandchildren

halloween banner

The two RV Gypsies went to downtown Fort Mill so the great-grandkids could do some "trick-or-treating". It was a mob seen and took several hours to walk both sides of a very short road.

busy Halloween street scene

This time Halloween was about the kids, so Karen Duquette wore a tiger outfit just for fun. (Note: Karen has improved on the tiger costume for use in future years)

Since her granddaughter had just gotten off work at Subway and had her Subway shirt on, Karen photographed her next to the Subway scarecrow.

Karen Duquette and her great-grandson the grandaughter of the two RV Gypsies
Karen Duquette and family Karen Duquette and family

Karen the Tiger met a big strawberry and then a baby tiger.

Karen Duquette and the Strawberry Mama tiger found a baby tiger
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