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The two RV Gypsies at Cross Garden,
also known as Hell's Warning Label
on Autauga County Road 86, Prattville, Alabama
July 10, 2014

USA state showing location of the state of Alabamamap of Alabama showing location of Autauga County

(Note: The two RV Gypsies do not mean this to influence your religious beliefs or non-beliefs. This is a folk vision and testament to one man's faith, W.C. Rice. The two RV Gypsies came across Cross Garden while travelling, and found it interesting, and an oddity worth exploring.) Scroll down for unique photos.

NOTE: ALL of the below information is from  --

check it out blinking signThe W.C. Rice's Cross Garden is a frightening jumble of white crosses clinging to hills on either side of a curving county road next to a trailer park. Rough wooden crosses and peeling hand-lettered signs bearing Bible scripture fragments are nailed to fences, trees, and each other. Everywhere, whitewashed signs explicitly warn -- in blobby black paint -- "You will DIE," and "HELL IS HOT HOT HOT."

Alabama is hot hot hot too, even on a summer night after seven, when the sun carves eerie shadows across the weedy red dirt. This is a folk vision and testament to one man's faith. On one side of the road is the "chapel," a dilapidated shack covered with Biblical graffiti. (photos below) Out back is a hole in the hill, the " Tomb of Jesus." And crosses are everywhere -- hundreds. Damnation alerts are printed not only on the crosses, but on fragments of washing machines, air conditioners, and other large appliances. Across the road, one pocket of signs has the theme "SEX PIT." One placard offers to sell the whole place for five million dollars -- CASH!

Rice put up his first crosses in 1976, after his mother died, inspired by a crossed wreath at her funeral. "Down in the front there's three crosses and four pine trees. I believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost...Pentecost, that's what we are. What I've done is what they told me to do. You know, they told Noah to build the Ark and he saved all those families, so I built it like they told me so I can save all MY families..." Rice has a couple of old Cross newsletters that chronicle the attraction's rescue of souls, notably some of his own kin. "People die around the clock. The sad part of it is, souls are dropping off into Hell as we speak." The warning label is here, and some take heed. Rice knows time is running out. The Gates of Heaven are much narrower than the Gates of Hell, and the queue is already backed up. "

"One or two percent of the people outta this whole world are gonna be saved. Now, what's gonna happen to that 98 percent? Huh? They're going to Hell. I'm giving you scripture. I didn't write it." Remember, it's HOT HOT HOT."

William Carlton Rice passed away on Jan. 18, 2004, at home, surrounded by his family and his Cross Garden. W.C. had been hospitalized for a few weeks fighting pneumonia. He was buried at Prattville Memory Gardens. According to Montgomery Advisor writer Blu Gilliand, widow Marzell Rice said the family plans to maintain the Cross Garden. "We're going to keep it going," said Marzell. "We promised him that." According to Blu, the family may even add on to the Garden in the future.

Below: says Rice drove around in a bright red pickup truck with a tall cross mounted in the truck bed. It's been featured in Harrod Blank's book and documentary on "art cars" (in which W.C. comes across as the most "driven" of the car owners).But the two RV Gypsies only saw a van in the back yard.

Jesus van

On one side of the road is the chapel, "The Church of God", a dilapidated shack covered with Biblical graffiti.

sign - The Church of God
The chapel - Church of God

The house

The house
The house
Hell sign
Hell is hot sign
crosses and Hell's warnings
Jesus Loves you
repent - Jesus saves
repent - Jesus saves
The Bible and sex at the Cross Garden
The Bible and sex at the Cross Garden
sing: In Hell from Sex
cross and anti-sex sign
Jesus saves monument
sex pit sign
appliances and crosses
appliances in the Cross Garden
no water in Hell signs
Cross Garden signs
Cross Garden signs
original signs at the Cross Garden

Four crosses (maybe more) high on the hill behind the house.

crosses high on the hill
crosses high on the hill

"Bloody" Rocks

"Bloody" Rocks
Lee Duquette is amazed at the Cross Garden
Cross Garden signs

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