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The two RV Gypsies enjoyed an expensive dinner at the Marriott in the Sky
July 29, 2014

The Marriott Hotel in Florence, Alabama has a revolving restaurant at the top.

revolving restaurant at the Marriott
revolving restaurant at the Marriott

The lobby of the Marriott had a large curved fish tank, and the back side of it was a water fountain. Both sides of the fish tank are shown below.

a large curved fish tank
a water fountain in the Marriott

Looking up at the ceiling in the lobby of the Marriott

a neat display made of
sand and aluminum cans

Looking up at the ceiling in the lobby of the Marriott
display of sand and aluminum cans

The two RV Gypsies dined in the revolving restaurant and took a few photos through the window as the restaurant rotated.

view from the revolving restaurant
looking down from the revolving restaurant

Looking at part of the Marriott Hotel, the Wilson Lock and Dam and the Tennessee River

the Wilson Lock and dam
the Wilson Lock and dam

As the restaurant revolved, the two RV Gypsies' table passed a nice panorama on the wall, and then Karen photographed the gold specks that sparkled on the ceiling above.

photograph on the wall
a sparkly ceiling

The two RV Gypsies enjoyed their meal as the restaurant in the sky revolved.

The two RV Gypsies enjoy their meal
Karen Duquette and her wine

This was a four course meal - appetizer, salad, entrees, desert. For an extra $25 Karen Duquette got a glass of wine specially pared with the appetizer, entree and desert- that was 3 glasses of wine in total. Lee Duquette does not drink anymore.

chocolate and candle

Looking down through the restaurant window, Lee Duquette watched the car (shown below) stop. Then a female (can NOT call her a lady) got out and took a leak beside the car, then drove away. Doesn't she know that hotels always have a restroom in the lobby? Duh! Gross! Hard to believe. Besides, we are all being watched wherever we go!

pig in a car
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