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The two RV Gypsies visited the
Women in Military Service for America Memorial
at the entry to Arlington Cemetery
in Washington, D.C.
August 21, 2014

location of the Women's  Military Memorial

Quotes below are from "The Women's Memorial is a unique, living memorial honoring all military women - past, present and future - and is the only major national memorial honoring women who have served in our nation's defense during all eras and in all services. Work on the Memorial was in progress for about 11 years and it was dedicated October 18, 1997. Some 200,000 people visit the Memorial annually." Karen Duquette is a charter member. Please register if you served. And be sure to visit when you are in Washington, DC.

WIMSA's logo
part of the memorial's entrance

The Site and Design: 'The Foundation sought the existing Ceremonial Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery as the site for the Women's Memorial; and in 1988, the request was unanimously approved by the National Capital Memorial Commission, the National Capital Planning Commission and the Fine Arts Commission. The famed architecture firm of McKim, Mead and White of New York City designed the original gateway structures. The gateway was never completed and had been neglected since its dedication in 1932. The Foundation's mission became one of restoring and transforming this imposing four-acre site, preserving the existing structure while simultaneously creating an inspirational and dynamic memorial that educates as well as honors. A national competition was conducted for a design concept for the Memorial and in November 1989, the design of Marion Gail Weiss and Michael Manfredi was selected from the more than 130 submitted. The National Capital Planning Commission and the Fine Arts Commission voted unanimously for final approval of the design on April 6, 1995."

Karen Duquette at the Memorial's entrance

"The Memorial site is the 4.2-acre Ceremonial Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery. A 30-foot high curved neoclassical retaining wall stands at the entrance. Ms. Weiss and Mr. Manfredi's splendid design placed the 33,000 square-foot Education Center in the cemetery hillside behind the existing retaining wall. The Memorial incorporates a reflecting pool on the plaza in front of the curved gateway, or hemicycle, with an arc of glass tablets on the upper terrace."

The Women's Military Memorial
water fountain

"The Memorial's roof is an arc of glass tablets, 250 feet long, inscribed with quotations by and about women who have served in defense of their country. Sunlight passing over these quotes creates changing shadows of the texts on the walls of the gallery below and brings natural light into the interior of the Education Center. The glass tablets illuminate the cemetery hillside at night and during the day, serve as skylights to the interior of the Education Center, which houses the Hall of Honor, exhibits and artifacts of women's military service, a 196-seat theater, a gift shop and the Memorial's computerized Register. Four staircases pass through the hemicycle wall, allowing visitors access to a panoramic view of Washington, DC, from the terrace."

glass tablet with quotation
glass tablet with quotation

Below: Karen Duquette on the Upper Terrace of The Women in Military Service for America Memorial. Karen served in the U.S. Navy and is a charter member at WIMSA. She now lives full-time in an RV, and travels the USA and Canada in her RV, and doesn't have any house or apartment anyplace.

Karen Duquette on the Upper Terrace

Below: views from the Upper Terrace.

view from the Upper Terrace
view from the Upper Terrace
view from the Upper Terrace
view from the Upper Terrace
view from the Upper Terrace
view from the Upper Terrace
Karen Duquette, U.S. Navy
women warriors quilt

history book clipart"Honoring Military Women—Past, Present and Future: Duty. Honor. Pride. These words reflect the spirit of generations of Americans who have sought to defend the rights and freedom of others. At the Women In Military Service For America Memorial, these words come to life in the stories and memories of the nearly two million women who have served in defense of our nation. The Women In Military Service For America Memorial Foundation, Inc., the non-profit organization established to build the Memorial, continues to raise the funds needed to operate and maintain the Memorial Education Center. Led by retired Air Force Brigadier General Wilma L. Vaught, the Foundation broke ground on June 22, 1995, for the only major national memorial in our nation's history to honor and pay tribute to all servicewomen of the United States Armed Forces—past, present and future. Dedication was October 18, 1997. The Women's Memorial officially opened to the public on October 20, 1997.  The history of women in the armed forces began more than 220 years ago with the women who served during the American Revolution and continues through the present day. The Women's Memorial honors all the women who have served courageously, selflessly and with dedication in times of conflict and in times of peace—women whose achievements have for too long been unrecognized or ignored."

display of women serving in the Military
display of women serving in the Military
display of women serving in the Military
display of women serving in the Military
remember 911 and women's unifoorms
display of women serving in the Military
Karen and her computer display
the two RV Gypsies
Karen Duquette and the United States Navy flag
Lee Duquette and the U.S. Marine Corps flag
Welcome home 911 veterans


Karen Rasmussen in boot camp
Karen Duquette in Hawaii

"Your support is critical to the Foundation’s mission of honoring the service of America’s military women—past and present and making their contributions to the nation’s defense known to the public. Thanks to the support of our donors, the Women In Military Service For America Memorial and its 33,000 square feet education center stands today at the gateway to Arlington National Cemetery and tells the story of women’s service to some 150,000 visitors every year. It is a stunning tribute to the 2.5 million women who have served. Just $1.00 helps get informational materials to a woman veteran; $10.00 buys CDs for oral histories; $25.00 helps a woman register her service and take her rightful place in history; and $100.00 helps restore and preserve historical memorabilia. If you would like to make your donation via US Postal mail, please go to for the donation form."

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