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The two RV Gypsies celebrated their
50th Wedding Anniversary with family
at the Mai-Kai Restaurant
3599 N. Federal Highway
Oakland Park, FL
January 23, 2016

hugging heart

(The two RV Gypsies were married in Hawaii, so their daughter and son-in-law thought this to be the most appropriate local place to celebrate).

today is a perfect day

history bookThe Mai-Kai is a tiki-themed restaurant that opened to the public on December 28, 1956, and is one of the few "Grand Polynesian Palaces of Tiki" still in operation today. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For many years it sold more rum than any location in the United States.

The Mai-Kai became rather expansive in time; it includes eight dining rooms, a bar, tropical gardens with walking paths and waterfalls, a stage in the center to showcase the Polynesian Islander Revue floor show, and a gift shop.

Today, the Mai-Kai is much like it was in the 1960s. A wooden slat bridge is crossed to reach the porte cochere and valets. A maitre d' greets visitors, and in the beautiful restrooms there is an attendant, which the restaurant says is "a luxury missing from too many places today". However, Karen doesn't think being handed a towel to dry her hands is that great of a luxury.

New authentic dances are created each year. The showroom is divided into 4 distinct areas, each named after a different Polynesian island. The waitresses at the Mai-Kai's Molokai Bar are attired in bikini tops and wraparound sarongs.

The Mai-Kai Gardens: The Mai-Kai has taken advantage of the year-round growing season and tropical climate to its fullest advantage. Some of the palms and orchids are over fifty years old. The Mai-Kai contains many genuine Polynesian artifacts, some that are over 100 years old. Much of the original collection of Polynesian artifacts was donated to the Thorton's alma mater Stanford University in the 1970s. Part of the collection was donated to the local Fort Lauderdale art museum. An insurance appraisal put such a high value on the artifacts that it made the Mai-Kai virtually uninsurable.

The outside of the Mai-Kai Restaurant

The outside of the Mai-Kai Restaurant

The outside of the Mai-Kai Restaurant

The Mai-Kai Restaurant sign and a flame

As the family members of the two RV Gypsies' arrived at the Mai-Kai, they went to the bar/lounge area until it was time to be seated.

Mai-Kai's Molokai Bar

Mai-Kai's Molokai Lounge

Karen Duquette enjoyed the signature drink, appropriately named the Mai-Kai.

the Mai-Kai rum drink

The two RV Gypsies and their family were seated at a long table and Karen and Lee each took a seat right by the edge of the stage.

The two RV Gypsies and their family

The two RV Gypsies and their family

The great-grandson of the two RV Gypsies enjoyed a non-alcoholic drink and then Anthony and Karen had a playful sword fight with the tiny plastic swords that came in the drinks.

The great-grandson of the two RV Gypsies

a playful plastic sword fight

Karen Duquette and her grandson, (Anthony's Uncle Alex)

Karen and her grandson

Karen and her grandson

love itanniversary cakehearts

Everyone loved their appetizers, meal, and desert. Then it was time for the Hawaiian show. The two RV Gypsies were both chosen to be on stage with some of the performers. John took a video from his seat by the stage.

music notesmusic notes

winking smile facehot

Lee Duquette on stage

The two RV Gypsies dancing on stage during the Mai-Kai show

Anthony really enjoyed being seated right by the stage.awesome

Karen, Lee, Alex and Anthony watching the show the show at the Mai-Kai
the show at the Mai-Kai the show at the Mai-Kai
hot dude

The two RV Gypsies felt the heat of the fire dances, since they were right at the edge of the stage.

fire dance feet on fire
fire dance fire dance
question marktongue
don't forget to smile
scary scary tongue
music notes
the men dance the show at the Mai-Kai
the show at the Mai-Kai the show at the Mai-Kai
the show at the Mai-Kai the show at the Mai-Kai
the show at the Mai-Kai the show at the Mai-Kai
the show at the Mai-Kai the show at the Mai-Kai
the show at the Mai-Kai the show at the Mai-Kai
the final bow

Karen Duquette, her daughter and granddaughter

The two RV Gypsies with their granddaughter.

Karen with her daughter and grand-daughter

The two RV Gypsies with their granddaughter.

The two RV Gypsies

The two RV GypsiesI love youThe two RV Gypsies

Then everyone decided to explore the outside area of the Mai-Kai Restaurant.

The men

The family of the two RV Gypsies

the Women

the women

an anniversary kissKISSSES

the big outdoor tiki

a smaller tiki

outdoor waterfall

bridge and waterfall

tiki and torches



indoor tiki

outdoor tiki

To see the video of the two RV Gypsies on stage at the Mai-Kai, use this link: Karen and Lee's 50th 2016-01-24-anniversary

The two RV Gypsies thank their daughter Renee and son-in -law John for this generous 50th Anniversary Party. Plus a big thank you to Chance and Brittny for the surprise cake. Since the two RV Gypsies met and married in Hawaii, this was the perfect setting and everything was absolutely amazing.

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January 1, 2016 - April 14, 2016
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bullet The two RV Gypsies celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at the Mai-Kai

bullet St. Patrick's Celebrations and Karen Duquette's winning green costume

bullet Karen Duquette wins the Easter Bonnet contest, and later the family enjoys an Easter picnic.


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