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The Edmonton Mall
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Ice Palace is a scaled down version of a National Hockey League regulation sized ice rink located in the center of the mall. In 2015, the Ice Palace was renamed Mayfield Toyota Ice Palace after the mall sold the naming rights to a local auto dealership.

During special events, such as Remembrance Day, the ice rink is covered with fabric and a ceremony is held on it.

statues at the ice rink

The World Waterpark is the world's second largest indoor Waterpark, built in 1985, with a size of 20,903 square metres (5.165 acres). The park has the world's largest indoor wave pool. The highest slides in the park are the Twister and Cyclone, which are each 83 feet high.

The wave pool has six wave bays, each with two panels with a total of 1,500 horsepower (1.1 MW) generating waves up to two metres high

Originally, the mall was home to four movie theatre complexes. However, as of 2008, only the Scotiabank Theatre (with IMAX), (which opened with an animatronic fire breathing dragon, which was removed in 2014 due to high maintenance costs, is in the mall.

statues at the top of the escalator statues at the top of the escalator
ET and Batman
Batman ET
Xcape video area

Below: Professor WEM's Adventure Golf is an 18-hole miniature golf course. The miniature golf course was originally known as Pebble Beach Mini Golf, and was designed to be a mini golf version of Pebble Beach Golf Links. The course was refurbished and given the Professor WEM theme in the mid-1990s.

Professor WEM's Adventure Golf Professor WEM's Adventure Golf

Below: Europa Boulevard: Eclectic shops in an area designed to look like a European streetscape. It is home to Europa Watch & Jewelry, Opulence, Buffalo David Bitton, G-Star Raw, Camper Footwear, Dr. Martens, Brandy Meville, Cafe Levi, HS Henry Singer, High Grade Clothing, FYidoctors, and several rentable conference rooms that look down on the Boulevard.

Europa Boulevard

The two RV Gypsies looked up through the ceiling in the mall and saw Fantasyland Hotel, located within the mall, so they took a walk through the lobby.

Fantasyland Hotel,

The stairs up to the hotel were very impressive.

The stairs up to the hotel The stairs up to the hotel

The staircase was so amazing, that Karen just had to photograph their reflections by aiming the camera upward at the mirrors.

the two RV Gypsies reflections mirrors and stairs
the two RV Gypsies reflections Karen Duquette
Lee Duquette Lee Duquette
the two RV Gypsies Karen Duquette
look below

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