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The two RV Gypsies
enjoyed Five different Halloween Parties
in the Carolinas
October 2019
Halloween banner

Below: Lee Duquette got attacked at Spirit Halloween

Lee Duquette got attacked at Spirit Halloweenskeletons dancing

Below: Karen Duquette made the pinecone pumpkin and the witch, but the bigger pumpkin was store bought.

Pumpkin decorationswalking pumpkin witch ball made by Karen Duquette

Below: A cement flower pot- made by Karen Duquette.

Below; Halloween props and decorations

cement flower pot
Halloween decorations

Below: A witch hanging from an umbrella - made by Karen Duquette (oops - where is her top half ????

Witch hanging from an umbrella Witch hanging from an umbrella

Party #1 - October 5, 2019 - The Lake Wylie Shag Club at the Moose Lodge in Fort Mill. The two RV Gypsies won 1st place. Although Karen was dressed as a Zombie with her Zombie baby, the Judge decided they were "The Beetlejuice Family" and that was how the winning gift certificate was presented to them. Oh well - A Win is A Win !!

Lee Duquette - Beetlejuice Zombie, Zombie Baby, and Beetlejuice
Karen Duquette - the Zombie Zombie baby plays with eyeballs
Yay clipart

Party #2 - The two RV Gypsies attended a Halloween party at their friends' clubhouse. No prizes were given for costumes, so they dressed more casually, and enjoyed the evening with friends.

flying witchHawaiian dancer and a witchwitch clipart

Below: Friends of the two RV Gypsies dancing

Don & Diane Dancing friends dancing

Below: Karen Duquette kissed the skeleton and then pretended to be innocent.

Karen Duquette kissesd the skeletonskeletons dancing Karen Duquette and the skeleton

The skeleton did NOT want a kiss from Lee Duquette.

Don and his new friend

Lee Duquette and the skeletonskeleton guard Don Puccio and the skeleton
Diane Puccio hugs the skeleton Diane and the skeleton

Laughing clipart dudeBelow: A very small, undressed person attacked Karen Duquette's wine glass, so Karen beheaded her.

table decoration gone wild
ghosts and pumpkins

Party #3 - Karen Duquette attended a party at the Waxhaw Line Dance Club in North Carolina and won 1st place for "Best Overall Costume" aka - "The Scariest". Prize was one month of free line dancing ($20 value) and a cute Halloween glass filled with candy.

Halloween glass was filled with candy

Zombie face

Below: Molly - "The Cutest winner" and Karen Duquette the Zombie lady.

About 20 of the 50 people in attendance wore costumes, and several others wore Halloween T-shirts.

The Waxhaw Halloween gang
ghosts and pumpkins

Party #4 - October 31, 2019 at the Owls Club. Karen Duquette won 1st prize in the female division. Lee Duquette won 2nd place in the men's division. The Pink Energizer bunny won 1st place in the men's division. Not all contestants are shown in the photos.

Owl Club Halloween costume winners Owl Club Halloween costume line-up

Below: Mrs. Beetlejuice's shoes matched the socks so perfectly, that some people thought she was barefoot.

Beetlejuice family and friend The two RV Gypsies
Big owl batwoman
Energizer bunny a great t-shirt
scary Halloween dude - the joker prizes
The Beetlejuice family and friends
Beetlejuice babyKaren Duquette
The Beetlejuice family

Party #5 - 10/31/19 at the Fort Mill YMCA, sponsored by the city of Fort Mill. It was held indoors due to heavy rain.

The great-grandchildren of the two RV Gypsies Family

Below: Lee Duquette got attacked by a dinosaur and Karen Duquette enjoyed the company of a clown.

Lee Duquette got attacked by a dinosaur Karen Duquette enjoyed the company of a clown.

Below: Karen Duquette and her granddaughter enjoyed the company of a big walking strawberry.

Karen Duquette  and her granddaughter a big, walking strawberry

City of Fort Mill, Halloween contest winners
The two RV Gypsies took 2nd place.

fort mill winners
Halloween decorations at a nearby houseblowup dragon
a big ghost ladypumpkin decor

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