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Karen Duquette and friends
at Cat's Paw Winery
Rock Hill, SC
October 11, 2019

wine time

Karen Duquette went with 30 members of the Newcomers Club to Cat's Paw Winery.

Cats Paw Winery Cats Paw Winery

On this date, each person paid $7.50 and got to sample 5 different wines (and got to take home the glass). But as shown below, Karen Duquette thought that the amount of wine poured each time was not enough to even decide if she liked the wine or not. However, for $5 more, the wine would be poured to the bottom of image the cat on the glass (which is not that much more wine), or for $9 more, wine would be poured up to the bottom of the cat's ear, which also would not be worth the extra charge. Most wine by the bottle was $16.50. Still not worth it in Karen Duquette's opinion. Still, she enjoyed this one-time experience but will not return the next time the group goes here.

sip of wine wine glass

laughing clip art dudeBelow: However, Karen Duquette liked the tall, handsome dude who let her sip on the wine bottle.

Karen Duquette and a wine dude

look below

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