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Anne Springs Close Greenway and Lake Haigler
1604 Highway 21 Bypass entrance
Fort Mill, SC 29715
May 12, 2020 history

Lake Haigler was built by Ms. Close’s father, Col. Elliott Springs. Namesake Anne Springs Close opened these grounds to the public in 1995. Along with her eight children, Ms. Close placed a conservation easement on the land via the Nation Ford Land Trust. A mile of the historic Nation Ford Road is preserved within Anne Springs Close Greenway. Some of the more well-traveled trails run parallel to Nation Ford Road, encircle Lake Haigler, and take visitors to the historic Garrison-Webb gristmill, built at the end of the eighteenth century.

Nation Ford Road information
bridge by Nation Ford Road sign

historyThe property is part of a 6,000-acre tract that Close’s ancestors bought from the Catawba Indians generations ago. In addition to safeguarding the land for the future, the Close family made it publicly available to people who appreciate natural beauty. Equestrian trails, walking paths, mountain biking, fishing, interpretive tours, camping, and even a South Carolina Master Naturalist program are available within this comprehensive environmental complex.

One of the preserve;'s more popular spots is Lake Haigler (pronounced hay-gler). The lake is named for Catawba chief King Haigler, who was known as a friend to the region and earliest white settlers. Though King Haigler was killed in 1763 by a band of Shawnee Indians, his memory remains revered by many in South Carolina.

Built in 1952 by Colonel Elliott Springs, Ms. Close's father, this 28-acre lake includes a waterfall (as seen in the 2018 photos by the two RV Gypsies).

Scoville Dock Lake Haigler sign
Lee Duquette resting by Lake Haigler Lake Haigler

Below: Turtles in Lake Haigler

A Turtle in Lake Haigler Turtles in Lake Haigler
view from the walking trail Lake Haigler
Lake Haigler mud

Bellow: Karen Duquette always asks the rider if she can take a photo before she does so.

horse and rider

Below: As the two RV Gypsies were walking the trail, a big bird flew past them, landed for a few seconds, then flew away.

big bird a Lake Haigler big bird a Lake Haigler
big bird a Lake Haigler big bird a Lake Haigler
big bird a Lake Haigler big bird a Lake Haigler

Below: Flowers near the parking lot.

Flowers near the parking lot Flowers near the parking lot
flower flowers
Flower near the parking lot Flower near the parking lot
Flower near the parking lot Flower near the parking lot
Flowers near the parking lot Flower near the parking lot
flower purple flower
Flower near the parking lot
look below

go to the next adventure of the two RV Gypsies A couple of days later, the two RV Gypsies returned to Lake Haigler and walked completely around the lake. So the photos are different from the above and below sites.


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