Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers

South Carolina Botanical Garden
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Desert Garden, Jurassic Garden and more

Bob Campbel Geology Museum Bob Campbell Geology Museum
Bob Campbell Geology Museum cactus sign about the Chihuahuan Desert
cactus cactus
flower sign
Malvaceae - Sphaeralcea incana Malvaceae - Sphaeralcea incana
the bark
cactus flower cactus flowers

Below: WHY is a fire hydrant in the middle of a bunch of cacti ???

a fire hydrant in the middle of a bunch of cactus
cactus flowers cactus flower
Lee Duquette Lee Duquette
bridge to the Jurassic Garden sign
Jurassic Garden sign Jurassic Garden sign
sign - Age of Cycads
Japan cactus sign
Japan cactus

Below: The two RV Gypsies thought this field looked like asparagus, but the close-up bud is clearly unique.

asparagus field asparagus bud
pond and path pond and path

Below: Dinosaur footprints and a gently placed human foot to show sizing - plus replicas of dinosaur eggs and more.

Dinosaur footprints dinosaur eggs and more

Below: Lee Duquette in the parking lot with the lone car of the two RV Gypsies.

Lee Duquette and an empty parking lot

Below: Lee Duquette found a hat in the parking lot.

laughing chipmunkLee Duquette and his cone hat.

Note: The South Carolina Botanical Garden is large, and Karen took a lot of photos, so you may visit the following sections in the order of your choice. The page you are on is grayed out.

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1 - Entrance to the Gardens

2 - Caboose Garden

3 - flowers in various garden sections

4 - Butterfly Garden

5 - Children's Garden and a sculpture

6 - Aquatic Garden

7 - The Hunt Cabin and a small waterfall

8 - Desert Garden, Jurassic Garden,
Geology museum outside (this page)

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