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The Stars Car Museum
August 26, 2020

Hollywood Stars Car Museum, which opened in 1996, features Mayberry's squad car, The Beverly Hillbillies jalopy, DRAG-U-LA from The Munsters, two Batmobiles, the Camaro from Charlie's Angels, and Herbie the Love Bug. Many of the featured vehicles were designed by George Barris.

Avengers Flintstone mobile

Below:The Batmobile

Batmobile information The Batmobile
originial 1966 BatmobileBatman and Robin

Below: A second Batmobile

Batmobile Batmobile

Below: Terminator 2- Judgment Day motorbike

Below: An Evil Staircase

Terminator 2 Judgment Day evil staircase

Below: DRAG-U-LA car from The Munsters

DRAG-U-LA from The Munsters- car DRAG-U-LA from The Munsters, poster
DRAG-U-LA from The Munsters- car
DRAG-U-LA from The Munsters- car
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about George Barris

James Dean's car

James Dean's car 130 James Dean's car 130
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Goldeneye BMW Z3
Goldeneye BMW Z3 information
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The Beverly Hillbillies jalopy information
The Beverly Hillbillies jalopy
The Beverly Hillbillies jalopy
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famous black car Ghost Rider motorcycle
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Andy Griffith Show car poster
Mayberry's squad car is autographed Mayberry's squad car, and Lee Duquette
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Stormchaser jeep information
Stormchaser jeep
Ghostbuster car Michael Jackson's car
Stars Car Museum guitar and golden record
Time Machine signs Time Machine car
Danica Patrick woman Indy Car winner
Mello Yello car Indy Car
Beach Boys Car

Below: One of many of Elvis Presley's car and some memorabilia

Elvis stuff

Below: car from "The Fast and The Furious"

car from Fast and The Furious car from Fast and The Furious poster
Fast and The Furious car

look below

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