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The two RV Gypsies
at Vereen Memorial Historical Gardens
2250 SC-179
Little River, SC 29566
September 16, 2020

Near Myrtle Beach and just on the SC side of the North Carolina state line is an oasis of nature's colors. This park, sometimes known as the Vereen Botanical Gardens, features numerous hiking trails and wooden boardwalks that extend across several beautiful salt marshes and small islands along The Intercoastal Waterway. With convenient access directly off of US #17, the two RV Gypsies parked and took a stroll out across some incredibly scenic pathways and found themselves enjoying a beautiful day.

Vereen Memorial Historical Gardens is home to 114 acres of woodlands, salt marsh and formal gardens along with grave markers for the family that lived on the land from the 19th century until it was donated to the Horry County Historical Society in 1972.

Vereen Memorial Historical gardens sign entry way to Vereen Gardens
Vereens Garden gate closing sign Welcome to Vereens Garden donation sign

The Vereen family cemetery is one of the first things seen inside the entrance. An angel stands guard over the graves dating back to the Revolutionary War.

The Vereen Family grave marker The Vereen Family grave marker
Angel statue Angel statue
Salt Marsh Habitat  sign Salt Marsh Habitat

Below: Throughout the hike, the two RV Gypsies enjoyed the marsh and water views. However, Lee Duquette wondered why the grass was sometimes light green, and sometimes dark green in the same area.

Salt Marsh Habitat Salt Marsh Habitat
Salt Marsh Habitat Salt Marsh Habitat
Fiddler crab signs

Fiddler crabs were everywhere, except on the boardwalks. They were not very big. Karen Duquette hopped very quickly across the areas with the Fiddler Crabs because they were everywhere. The boardwalk was a welcome site for Karen.

Fiddler crab Fiddler crab
Fiddler crab
sights and sounds of the marsh - sign feather plant
Lee Duquette on the boardwalk the boardwalk
leaving the boardwalk to the Wishing Tree area scenery by The International Waterway
scenery by The International Waterway scenery by The International Waterway

The Wishing Tree On The Vereen Memorial Gardens Loop Trail In South Carolina

Found at the far end of the loop trail, the Intracoastal Waterway is the halfway point for this 2.4-mile hike. The banks of the waterway here are covered in old oyster shells, perfectly bleached by the sun. Visitors are encouraged to grab one to enjoy.

There is also a wishing tree with a sign inviting guests to make a wish and hang an oyster to propel that wish forward. The two RV Gypsies wanted to leave an earthy token for their son Brian Duquette while making their wish.

make a wish and hang a shell sign The Wishing Tree and sign
The Wishing tree The Wishing tree
bar of heartsbar of heartsbar of heartsbar of heartsbar of heartsbar of hearts

Below: The two RV Gypsies found the perfect oyster shell with a hole in it, so it wouldn't ever fall to the ground. However, they did not have any kind of a marker with them so that they could write Brian Duquette's name on it (but she always will have a marker with her from now on). But the wish and sentiments survive anyway, as Lee Duquette found the perfect spot for Brian's oyster shell.

the perfect oyster shell  for Brian Lee Duquette the perfect oyster shell  for Brian Lee Duquette

The two RV Gypsies are always thinking about their son Brian Duquette. They have left reminders for him wherever the place encouraged them to do so. This is the fifth time they honored Brian Duquette's memory with a token while on the road. They also took an oyster shell home in honor of Brian's memory.

The two RV Gypsies left a rose for Brian Duquette in 2009 at The Grotto of Redemption in West Bend, Iowa. They also put a sign at The Sign Post Forest in 2009 and a different sign in 2016. And in 2012 they left a memory card at the UFO Watchtower in Colorado.

bar of heartsbar of heartsbar of heartsbar of heartsbar of heartsbar of hearts
Fungus on a Tree Fungus on a Tree
Fungus on a Tree

The two RV Gypsies came upon another boardwalk and this one had several local people fishing for crabs.

fishing for crabs. crabs in a bucket
sign about The Maritime Forest white egret hunting for food

Below: As the two RV Gypsies returned to their car, they noticed something very unusual in the back of the car parked next to them.

a laughing crittera weird critter in a car

look below

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