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The two RV Gypsies enjoyed the challenge
of finding and photographing
Lake City's Public Art Walk
September 18, 2020
Lake City Public Art Walk design

The public art program was initiated in conjunction with the ArtFields event to enhance community spaces during the revitalization of Lake City, and reflect the past, present and future of the town while showcasing the artistic talent of the Southeast. The two RV Gypsies got a brochure from Lake City's Visitor Center, and spent the time searching for and photographing each of the 18 art pieces shown below. Quotes are from the brochure.

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Below- #1 -"The Good of the Hive, 2018" - Artist Matthew Willey's projects bring awareness to the dwindling population of honey bees and their importance as pollinators. Shown below - the front of the building and one side of the building.

The Good of the Hive, 2018 The Good of the Hive, 2018
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Below - #2 - "Village Green Eagle, 2018" - Prominent Florence-based sculptor Alex Palkovich created the bronze Bald Eagle that sits on top of a bed of flowers watching over the Village Green.

Village Green Eagle Village Green Eagle
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Below - #3 - "Mike and Patz Fowle's - Upward and Onward, 2018" - This piece honors Ronald E. McNair: astronaut, physicist and native of Lake City. He was 1 of 7 crew members who perished in the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1966. There is a link to his memorial at the bottom of this page.

Life History Center Life History Center
Upward and Onward information Upward and Onward sculpture
Upward and Onward sculpture Upward and Onward sculpture

Below: See Karen Duquette's reflection in the sculpture as she took a selfie.

Karen Duquette's reflection
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Below #4 - "Mike Wsol's - In Between, 2018" - This sculpture, built from large propane tanks, reflects industrial process on the exterior, and a more sacred, natural process with the interior.

As Lee Duquette stood by the sculpture, he said to Karen, "Take my picture and label it - Who is uglier, me or the sculpture?" (no offense is meant to the person who made the sculpture).

Mike Wsol's In Between, 2018 sculpture Lee Duquette and Mike Wsol's In Between 2018 sculpture
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Below #5 - "Donald Walker's Transformation, 2019" - This mural reflects the revitalization of downtown Lake City, with its images of colorful butterflies moving through their transformative life cycle. It includes 30 hidden images! The two RV Gypsies spent a lot of time at this mural trying to find the images. They only found 18 out of the 30 images because Nimbus the dog came by with his owner and Nimbus pooped and Karen stepped in the poop, so The Two RV Gypsies left. (NImbus is actually in one of the murals found). Close-up photos of the hidden images can be found from the main Lake City menu at the bottom of this page.

Donald Walker's Transformation, 2019 mural
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Below #6 - "Craig Wedderspoon's Oval, 2015" - This temporary piece combines geometry with patterns found in the natural world. This results in elegant abstract forms that are simultaneously fluid and ordered.

Craig Wedderspoon's Oval, 2015 sculpture Craig Wedderspoon's Oval, 2015 sculpture
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Below #7- "Lanee Turner's Infinite Flowers, 2018" - Inspired by native florals and the wonder that nature instills in people, artist Lance Turner collaborated with MFBGB to have the floral beds cultivated to compliment the mural. Due to the length of this mural and parked cars, it was not easy for the two RV Gypsies to get a really nice photo.

Lanee Turner's Infinite Flowers, 2018 mural
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Below #8 - "Lanee Turner Untitled, 2018" - The artist spruced up a storefront with this eyed-bending image, created with the assistance of visiting high school students during ArtFields 2018!

The two RV Gypsies think it is a shame that a bench has been put in front of it. The photo had to be taken on an angle because cars were parked on the road just in front of this, so Karen could not get a straight-on photograph. She also had to be patient while a dude stood in front of it, talking on his phone, and yes, he saw Karen and her camera standing there.

Lanee Turner Untitled, 2018 mural
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Below #9 - "Andrew and Sarah Wilson's Wrapped Up, 2019" - The artists created this image as an ode to Lake City's agricultural roots. It was in a narrow alley so there was no room to get further away. Again, Karen had to be patient while another dude kept walking back and forth in front of this mural while on his phone.

Andrew and Sarah Wilson's Wrapped Up, 2019 mural

Below #10 - "Randy McDonald and Ross Gandy's 1983" - Downtown's oldest mural was painted in 1983. It features a 1936 fire truck that is still housed at the Lake City Fire Department. It was not possible to get a photo without part of the bush.

Randy McDonald and Ross Gandy's 1983 mural
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Below #11 - "Alex Palkovich's Huey Cooper, 2014" - Huey Cooper was known for sitting at the corner of Acline and Main. He let folks rub his lucky rabbit's foot for a nickel. This sculpture continues the tradition, including a coin slot in his right pocket.

sign at the Huey Cooper monument
statue of Huey Cooper and his rabbit's foot

Below: Lee Duquette rubbed the rabbit's foot and put a coin in the slot.

Lee Duquette rubbed the rabbit's foot a coin in the pocket
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Below #12 - "Herman Keith's From this Moment Forward, 2016" - This mural image was inspired by the Gee's Bend Quilters, and was created with assistance from Florence School District 3 students through the SC Rural Arts Project. Karen had to stand across the street to photograph it. Too bad the trash cans were in front of it.

Herman Keith's From this Moment Forward, 2016 mural
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Below #13 - "Mathew Leavell's - Geisel's Garden, 2017" - Inspired by the artist's interpretation of the art work, literature and spirit of Dr. Seuss, this was created using salvaged, recycled and upcycled steel components. Karen Duquette had to photograph it through a fence.

Mathew Leavell's - Geisel's Garden, 2017 sculpture
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Below #14 - "Craig Mitchell Smith's - Making a Wish, 2011" -This sculpture is a metaphor designed to inspire hope and belief in dreams and wishes. It captures the spirituality of the everyday and the hope for tomorrow during life's journey. This too, was photographed through a fence.

Craig Mitchel Smith's - Making a Wish, 2011 sculpture
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Below #15 - "Jessica Diaz, Moran Funkhouser, Olivia Cramer Cramer, and Sam Ogen, 2013" - The artists worked with countless community members to create this image for the inaugural ArtFields in 2013.

mural at Arfields in Lake City SC
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Below #16 - "Jessie Unterhalte and Katey Truhn's - Untitled, 2017" - An artistic duo from Baltimore paints murals across the globe. The murals are inspired by bright geometric shapes! The artists strive to transform public spaces into vibrant experiences. Too bad the bench and trash can had to be in the photograph.

Jessie Unterhalte and Katey Truhn's - Untitled, 2017 mural
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Below #17 - "Signs Ltd. Green Frog Mural, 2018" - Dudley Rogers opened The Green Frog Restaurant in 1947 to serve as Lake City's sandwich and beer shop. The Green frog Pub at 118 East Main Street is named in its honor.

Signs Ltd. Green Frog Mural, 2018 - Green Frog
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Below #18 - "Signs Ltd. Visit Lake City SC, 2018" - With the opening of the Lake City Visitors Center in 2018, its iconic tobacco leaf logo (that the entire town fully embraced) was transformed in a colorful mural up high on East Main Street. Since it is truly up high on the side of the building with an adjoining rooftop, it was hard to find and photograph.

Signs Ltd. Visit Lake City SC, 2018
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