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The two RV Gypsies drove to
Cullasaja Falls on U.S. 64
in Nantahala National Forest in NC
October 27, 2020
USA map showing location of North Carolina

Cullasaja Falls is a waterfall in southwestern North Carolina. The waterfall is located on the Cullasaja River in the Nantahala National Forest and is part of the Mountain Waters Scenic Byway. Cullasaja comes from a Cherokee word meaning "honey locust place".

There are several falls along this route, but Cullasaja Falls is the last major waterfall on the Cullasaja River. The falls is a long cascade over the course of 0.2 miles.

The height of the falls is given as 200 feet in Kevin Adams' book, North Carolina Waterfalls and 250 feet by

(above quote from

Cullasaja River Gorge sign road in Nantahala National Forest

It is easy to catch a glimpse of the falls while driving by; however, getting a better view of the falls is not easy. The falls are located beside of a series of blind curves on U.S. 64, with sheer rock cliffs above and below the road (as shown in the photo above). There is only one small pull-off near the falls, but luckily the two RV Gypsies found a place to park. Walking on the road put Karen Duquette in danger of being hit by a passing vehicle, but she was very careful and aware of the traffic. Lee stayed in the car. Karen took the photos as quickly as possible.

Cullasaja Falls and fall colors Cullasaja Falls and fall colors
Cullasaja Falls and fall colors Cullasaja Falls and fall colors
Cullasaja Falls and fall colors

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