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As the two RV Gypsies drove their big RV into Virginia and then into West Virginia, Karen Duquette took some pictures through the closed window of their moving RV

June 7, 2021
USA map showing location of VirginiaUSA map showing location of West Virginia

The two RV Gypsies drove their RV through several tunnels in Virginia.

Welcome to Virginia sign 2021

Big Walker Mountain Tunnel is a 4,229-foot tunnel located in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia on Interstate 77. It first opened in 1972 after five years of construction labor at a price tag of $50 million, which at that time was the most expensive single project undertaken on Virginia's interstate system.

Big Walker Mountain Tunnel in Virginia
Big Walker Mountain Tunnel in Virginia

20 miles north of the above Big Walker Mountain Tunnel, the two RV Gypsies drove through the East River Mountain Tunnel, a 5,412-foot tunnel on I-77 and US-52 though East River Mountain between Rocky Gap, Virginia and Bluefield, West Virginia. Ground breaking began on August 12, 1969 and after 5 years of labor, it opened on December 20, 1974 at a cost of $40 million. Both states shared the cost.

East River Mountain Tunnel in Virginia
East River Mountain Tunnel in Virgini
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Eventually, the two RV Gypsies entered West Virginia and had to drive their big RV and toad on the West Virginia Turnpike, a toll road. They will be billed by mail, and are not looking forward to finding out the cost of so many tolls.

Welcome to West Virginia sign in 2021
Welcome to the West Virginia Turnpike sign
West Virginia wildflowers sign

Below: Lee Duquette drove the big RV on many winding, curvy roads with steep downgrades. The GPS kept saying, "Steep downgrade ahead" and "Winding Road ahead" and "Left curve ahead" and "Right curve ahead" and other warnings. It was not very relaxing.

GPS showing warnng notices
8 percent downgrade sign
curvy mountain road

Below: Karen Duquette managed to take a few quick photo of murals, or a part of a mural, and other oddities as they drove along in their RV.

and old mural that needs to be redone part of a nice mural

Below: Although these look like very nice houses, the two RV Gypsies think they are way to close together and on steep hills.

houses on a steep hilll and close together

Below: Two odd bears

bear climbing a building a rainy day bear

Below: The two RV Gypsies drove to The Mystery Hole on Highway 60 in Anstead, West Virginia and it seemed to be permanently closed. A pole sticks out the top of a corrugated metal hut, along with an American Flag. Lots of paintings adorn the hut's exterior. Protruding from its sides is an old VW Beetle Car, nose buried, and the lights were almost to the shoulder of the road. According to brochures, visitors used to pay to tour this place and the stairway down to the basement to see a lot of weird and quirky stuff. When it was opened, no cameras or cell phones were allowed inside. The two RV Gypsies do not know if it will reopen or not.

The Mystery Hole

Below: A fantastic USA hero mural on top of a car repair garage.

USA Hero mural
Hank Williams sign
Hank Williams sign

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