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The two RV Gypsies
checked out a giant Uncle Sam statue
in Danbury, CT
USA map showing location of Connecticut
CT maping showing location of Danbury
Danbury Connecticut sign
Danbury Downtown Strong sign

Below: A 38foot-tall, 4,500-pound fiberglass statue of Uncle Sam keeps watch over the parking lot of The Danbury Railway Museum. "Meet Me at Uncle Sam" was once a common phrase spoken by patrons at the Great Danbury State Fair. Part of Danbury's history revolves around the yearly agricultural event that ran for 112 years. The fair closed in 1981. This Uncle Sam is said to be the World's Tallest Uncle Sam. These photos were taken from a moving car.

For more informationon Uncle Sam, go to the source of the above quote at
Uncle Sam Statue
Uncle Sam statue

Below: A giant Danbury advertisement

Below: A quick picture of a statue taken from a moving car.

Danbury CT
look below

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