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The two RV Gypsies and
the beginning of the new year - 2022

Happy New Year 2022

Lee and Karen Duquette watched the ball drop on TV. Karen took photos from the TV.

New Years Eve ball drop from TV 2021 New Years Eve ball drop from TV 2021
New Years Eve ball drop from TV 2021 New Years Eve ball drop from TV 2021
New Years Eve ball drop from TV 2021 It is now offically 2022
2022 Happy New Year sign on TV 2022 Happy New Year clipart

Below: Bye Bye 2021- you won't be missed!

Bye Bye 2021

A few days later, the two RV Gypsies spent time with their great-granddaughter and they put fun colors in their hair. This was a children's fun kit that she got at Christmas time from her Nana, who lives in Florida. It was fun to do, but maybe they put it on too heavy because after it dried, the hair became stiff. It washed out easily.

Gabriella's hair Gabriella's hair

Below: Gabriella and her great-grandmother, Karen Duquette

Karen Duquette and her great-granddaughter
Karen Duquette Karen Duquette

Gabriella did Grampy's hair and his hair looked the best.

Lee Duquette's hair Lee Duquette's hair

Later that day, they got together with family for dinner and Renee and John bought Karen a Banana Dream cake for her birthday. It is the only cake Karen will eat, as she is not a cake person. It can ONLY be purchased in Florida. Renee and John bought the cake a few days earlier when they were visiting John's family and the arrival of his new grandchildren. Yes, it was a week before her birthday, but the easiest time for the whole family to get together. Karen Duquette is blessed because she has such a wonderful family,

Karen Duquette and her Banana Dream Cake

A few days later, their Ring camera captured a photo of a deer by their RV. Karen Duquette sometimes sees deer in her back yard late at late at night when she is in the hot tub, but she does not photograph them.

deer by the RV of the two RV Gypsies

look below

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