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The two RV Gypsies in South Carolina
March and April 2022
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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Karen Duquette decided to dress for St. Patrick's Day even though she did not find a costume contest anywhere nearby. So she dressed in green and the two RV Gypsies went out to dinner at Hickory Tavern, 2674 Celanese Road, Rock Hill, SC. Karen was quite surprised when the band leader announced a Green Contest, and Karen won. Her prize was a tall glass of green beer. Although the two RV Gypsies enjoyed their dinner, the live band, and her green beer, she really misses the St. Patrick Day celebrations at Flanigans in Florida, which were much more elaborate. To see those contests, in years 2010-2019, use the TOC button at the top of any page and choose the letter G, then scroll down to "green contest" and enjoy the different years, as each year Karen wore a different costume. But be sure to finish this page first. South Florida had much better contests of all types.

Hickory Tavern
Karen Duquette - the winner Karen Duquette with her green beer

Below: Earlier on the same day, the two RV Gypsies saw a lady holding her dog which was dressed for St. Patrick's Day and Karen Duquette asked permission to photograph the dog. The lady made sure her face was not in the photograph.

dog dressed in green
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It's a Beautiful Day

Below: Karen Duquette noticed a few nice Cherry Blossom trees in Rock Hill, so she took a few photos, although the best Cherry Blossom trees the two RV Gypsies ever saw was in Washington, DC

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms Cherry Blossoms

Below: Rabbits in their daughter's yard near in South Carolina.

rabbit rabbit

Below: While Hiking at Anne Green Close Greenway in Fort Mill SC, the two RV Gypsies came upon the 2022 Earth Day Recycled Art Show by Preschool children. It was obviously the end of the show period time, as several displays were missing, or falling over.

sign; Tree-Rex recycled art
sign for The Buzzinator aluminum can art
2022 Recycled project bottle cap flag
Recycled Greenway Pony sign Recycled Greenway Pony
Recycled Earth sign Recycled Earth display

Below: Then the two RV Gypsies hiked around the lake, and took a couple of pictures of the ducks. There was also a turtle in the water, but it just looks like a black spot in the photos below.

The two RV Gypsies have been here many times, and other photos take at the Greenway can be seen by using the TOC button at the top of any page and choosing the letter G, then scrolling down to several years of photos under the lime green heading. Each trip provided the two RV Gypsies with different photo opportunities.

ducks at Anne Greene  Greenway ducks at Anne Greene  Greenway

look below

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