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The two RV Gypsies enjoyed
a lunch at The Flight Deck Restaurant
at Arcade Flight Deck
109 Old Chapin Road
Lexington, SC
phone - '803.957.5990
April 27, 2022

USA map showing location of SC SC map showing location of Lexinton

Lexington is the largest town in and the county seat of Lexington County, South Carolina. It is a suburb of the state capital, Columbia. It is the second-largest municipality in the greater Columbia area. Lexington's town limits are bordered to the east by the city of West Columbia.

Town of Lexington SC sign
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The Shoppes of Flight Deck replicates the 1930's and 40's environment with six buildings and a Mediterranean-style courtyard for entertainment and dining. a variety of restaurants, retail stores, and businesses.The Shoppes at Flight Deck light up the night to provide safety for customers, the businesses, and shoppes to and from the parking areas.

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Below: People can enter either through the Arcade Flight Deck entry or go to the side of the building and enter in front of the water tower.

Arcade Flight Deck entrance
Restaurant entrance and water tower Restaurant entrance and water tower

The two RV Gypsies entered through the Arcade Flight Deck and Karen Duquette took a few photos as they strolled through to the restaurant.

inside Arcade Flight Deck inside Arcade Flight Dec
inside Arcade Flight Dec Flight Deck sign

The two RV Gypsies really loved the amazing mural as they entered the restaurant

amazing mural -

Below: The Mediterranean style court yard is a comfortable and relaxing place to enjoy the evening at dinner, but the indoors areas are always open as well.

Below: It was a really nice day, so
The two RV Gypsies chose to sit outside

Below: Karen Duquette's partially consumed drink
and the drink menu.
This was "The Mid Air Collision"

Lee Duquette high octane coctails

Below: From their table outside, the two RV Gypsies enjoyed the water bubbling out the top of a big rock.

bubbling rock bubbling rock

Below: Karen Duquette photographed the quote by Abraham Lincoln that was in the window near their lunch table.

quote by Abraham Lincoln

Below: Karen Duquette enjoyed some crazy, fun displays inside the restaurant.

Karen Duquette and Spiderman Karen Duquette and King Kong

Below: Superman dared Karen Duquette to misbehave, so of course she did just that.

Superman Karen Duquette and Superman

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