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The two RV Gypsies and family at
Pageland Dragway
in Jefferson, SC
June 4, 2022

Note: There is a Flashback to 1/2 midget race cars in 1963 at the bottom of this page.

welcome to Jefferson sign

Jefferson SC water tower
Pageland Dragway Pageland Dragway

Number 80 is the Mustang owned by the Two RV Gypsies' daughter and son-in-law. This was an evening that allowed drivers to have a passenger, so John Smythers took Karen Duquette in his mustang on the racetrack. After all, Karen had her racetrack winners flag pants on.

John Smyther's mustang #80 Karen Duquette approaching the  Mustang
Karen Duquette and John Smythers getting in the Mustang

Below: See Karen Duquette waving out the window to Lee Duquette who was in the stands.

Karen Duquette waving out the window Karen Duquette waving out the window
Karen Duquette took a selfie in the mustang

And Karen Duquette even got to ride with John a second time.

Karen Duquette waving out the window Karen Duquette waving out the window

Below: Fun in the stands

fun with friends Karen Duquette

Below: An 11-year old boy raced about 3 different motorcycles on this date.

An 11-year old boy raced
dragster dragsters
John Smithers #80 Mustang cool paint job on a race car
unique motorcycle helmet

Below: While in high School, Karen drove a 1/2 midget at several racetracks in California. Her oldest brother, Evie John was her coach. Her family did not come to watch her race, and not many photographs were taken of her racing (or growing up either), but Karen is thankful for a few. Her brother also drove the same race car in the adult division on the same dates.

Karen and her brother Evie John Rasmussen Karen in the race car.
Karen in the race car. Karen wbd her first trophy.
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