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The two RV Gypsies
took their Great-grandchildren
to a Sunflower field
in Monroe, NC
August 1, 2022

Monroe Historic District sign
Free Sunflowers sign take only what you need sign

Below: Although the two RV Gypsies had "clippers" in the trunk of their car, they noticed a post that provided clippers for others to use.


Below: Lee Duquette showed his great-grandson how to clip a Sunflower. This was the first time that the great-grandchildren of the two RV Gypsies had ever been in a Sunflower field.

Happiness is the gift of a Sunflower Lee Duquette clipping a sunflower

Below: Lee Duquette also told Anthony to notice how the sunflowers always faced the sun.

sign: Stand tall and cafe the sun sign: Look at the sunnyside
Lee Duquette explaining sunflowers to Anthony great-grandson and sunflowers

Below: Karen Duquette and her great-granddaughter, Gabriella, who was not very excited about the sunflowers, but loves to pose for photos.

Karen Duquette and sunflowers great-granddaughter with a sunflower
Bloom sign where is the sunflower
sunflower sunclower

Below: The granddaughter of the two RV Gypsies, loving the sunflowers, and the camera.

the two RV Gypsies' grandaughter the two RV Gypsies' grandaughter
sunflower happiness sign Karen Duquette in the sunflower field
Lee Duquette and his great-grandson sunflower peace sign
Karen Duquette and her family Karen Duquette and her family
sunflower and bees sunflower
look below

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