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The two RV Gypsies in Tombstone, Arizona
September 15, 2022

USA map showing location of Arizona
Tombstone 2022 banner
Entering Tombstone sign
Tombstone- a registered Natiional Historic Landmark

Like an Old West theme park, The Town Too Tough to Die brings its history to life on Allen Street. Located in southern Arizona's Cochise County, historic Tombstone embraces its Wild West roots. The Tombstone of today brings history to life with daily re-creations, actors in period garb and preservation of landmarks.

stagecoach ride in Tombstone a true sign about politicians
Big Nose Kate Saloon

Below: Naturally Karen Duquette checked out the two clothing shops below, but nothing caught her interest or her price range. She was hoping for something very unique.

The Gawdy Cowgirl store The Shady Lady's closet
manequin in a store wine and dinner sign


the skeletons need help
The two RV Gypsies entered Old Tomebstone a cowboy at Old Tombstone
Karen Duquette and a giant cowboy The two RV Cowboys
Hitching Post Cafe and Lee Duquette

BELOW: The two RV Gypsies were here at the wrong time of day - no shootout !

famous ground sign Old Tombstone Gunfight arena

At the O.K. Corral in The Streets of Tombstone Theater, actors playing the Earps and Doc Holliday rapidly re-create a long-simmering feud against the Cowboys—cementing 30 seconds of history in hundreds of visitors' minds every week. Some have said it’s the most famous shootout of the American Wild West, and Tombstone keeps it top-of-mind.

Old Tombstone Gunfight arena Old Tombstone Gunfight aren
Old Tombstone Gunfight aren

Below: Tombstone Territory Cemetery and outhouse

Tombstone Territory Cemetery Tombstone outhouse
iron cacti and a wolf Old Tombstone
owl in a fence

Below: The two RV Gypsies could only view this section from the Cemetery area because it was closed off to the public on this date.

closed western part of town closed western part of tow
leaving Old Tombstone sign

Below: Scenery leaving Tombstone and heading to Bisbee, Arizona

Leaving Tombstone and heading to Bisbee, Arizona
Scenery leaving Tombstone and heading to Bisbee, Arizona Scenery leaving Tombstone and heading to Bisbee, Arizona
Scenery leaving Tombstone and heading to Bisbee, Arizona The Mule Pass tunnel

Below: The Mule Pass tunnel is believed to be the longest tunnel in Arizona. Locals call it "The Time Tunnel". It created a new gateway into Bisbee and cut 10 minutes off the drive over the 6,030-foot-high pass on US 80 into the southeastern Arizona mining town of Bisbee.

Mule Pass Tunnel is largely taken for granted now, but it was celebrated as a vital road improvement at a dedication Dec. 19, 1958. Two Arizona governors, other dignitaries and two bands showed up for the ribbon-cutting on a 68-degree day in Bisbee. “It’s clear sailing thru the Mules now,” read the headline in the Bisbee Daily Review. You could read all about it for a nickel. The tunnel builders dusted themselves off from 23 months of work to celebrate the occasion.“It was just dang tough the whole way,” said Ray Paulson, who engineered the $2 million project for the Peter Kiewit & Sons construction company.That's the equivalent of about $17.2 million at today's prices. Federal dollars paid for 87 percent of the project.

above quote from

The Mule Pass tunnel inside The Mule Pass tunnel
look below

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