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Christmas 2022

Below: A wish to all soldiers, and a display of angels - one for each Christmas the two RV Gypsies have had to spend WITHOUT their beloved son, Brian Duquette, who resides in Heaven. The two Christmas cards are unusual and funny and they were given to Karen and Lee by their son Brian many, many years ago, They are a standard yearly decoration since the Christmas received, because nobody could ever resist opening up the coats on the Christmas cards.

Honoring our Military
Christmas Angels for Brian Duqquette

Karen Duquette could not decide which hat to wear to a Christmas party, so Lee Duquette photographed her in each one so she could decide. Well, yes she could have just looked in a mirror, BUT!

Karen Duquette in a Christmas outfit and hat Karen Duquette in a Christmas outfit and hat

Below: Is the Tissue Holder by the door making fun of Karen by wearing one of her hats?

cunny clipar animatedChristmas headpiece

Below: The great-grandchildren of the two RV Gypsies with Santa Claus - And with their grandparents.

Santa Claus the two RV Gypsies family

Below: On Christmas Day, Karen Duquette wore the same outfit shown above with a different hat and tights. The two RV Gypsies celebrated Christmas at their daughter and son-in-law's house. Their grandchildren and great-grandchildren came too, along with John's son. But they did not get together on Christmas Eve this year, only Christmas day.

Karen Duquette USA star
family at Chrismas time John and Alex

Below: The two RV Gypsies got some really nice U.S. Navy and Marine Corp. plaques, plus a cute USA star from their daughter and son-in-law. Plus some bigger stuff of course.

U.S. Navy plaque U.S. Marine Marine Corps plaque

Below: The two RV Gypsies tried-on their U.S. Navy and Marine Corps t-shirts that they also got for Christmas so they could tell their daughter that the shirts fit properly. The Christmas tree is decorated with "memories" that the two RV Gypsies buy when on their RV and cruises.They try to find something that can hang on their tree and represent where they visited. Unique things include, but not limited to, lobster pots, a lobster claw, a sea horse, Mexican hot sauce, Kiwi bird, koala, Mark Twain puppet, Abraham Lincoln puppet, moose, deer, a big lizard, Pops can opener, fish from Belize, a hot air balloon, Kokopelli, a cowboy hat, horses, Abilene storybook, Canadian flag, totem pole, sled dog, and the list goes on and on. There are about 300 items on the tree this year.

Karen Duquette and her U.S. Navy shirt Lee Duquette and his Marine Corps shirt

Below: And of course, their granddaughter gave Lee Duquette (aka "Grampy") his yearly T-shirt with photos of his great-grandchildren. He really does wear them a lot throughout the year, so he always needs new ones.

Lee Duquette and his yearly Grampy T-shirt

Of course, everyone got lots of gifts that were not photographed, especially the children. The turkey and other food was delicious and it was just nice being with family, as usual.

Happy New Year 2023
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