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The two RV Gypsies visited
White Oak Winery and the Purple Wolf Vineyard and Lavender Farm
2644 Cross Keys Road - Harrisonburg, VA 22808
July 13, 2023
phone: '-540.421.6345 - hours were 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., daily except some holidays

wine tasting sign White Oak Lavender Purple Wolf Vineyard sign

The White Oak Lavender Farm and The Purple Wolf Vineyard is a family owned farm located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The gift shop offers lavender products and wine directly to customers online and at the farm! They also hold special events at the winery so visit their website for more information.

But the two RV Gypsies only stopped here so Lee Duquette could treat his wife to some wine tasting. Lee Duquette does not drink wine, plus he is the driver.

parking lot

Below: Karen Duquette liked the statues, especially the purple dog statue.

Karen Duquette loved the purple dog statue
grape grower and purple dog Karen Duquette pets the purple dog

Vintage lavender is associated with charm and sweet fragrance. Today, people cook with lavender and associate the lovely scent of lavender with deep relaxation. Just a small sniff of lavender helps people breath in deeply and exhale with a satisfied, “Ahhh.” The two RV Gypsies took a bit of time to enjoy the grounds and the lavender.

panorama of lavender plants
a purple flower a purple flower and lavender
The Firefly gazebo Lee Duquette at the small gazebo

After exploring the entry and taking the above photos, it was time for the two RV Gypsies to enter The Lavender Gift Shop. Where they encountered many forms of lavender. For relaxation, there was dream pillows, stress balls, massage oils and bath and body luxuries. Karen Duquette did buy several items.

For culinary purposes there was spices, teas, vinaigrette, jams, jellies and ice cream. (The Lavender ice cream did not have much taste at all).

The gift shop also sold culinary lavender by the tin and offered recipe cards so that anyone can create their own tasty dishes. To experience lavender, they also offer beautiful lavender gardens for U-Pick, classes, tours and delightful picnics! None of which were of interest to the two RV Gypsies.

To learn the History of lavender, click here, but be sure to return to the two RV Gypsies website for the wine tasting and more.

Welcome to White Oake Lavender Farm sign

The Tasting Room opens at 10 a.m. with portable tastings, wine and beer flights, wine and beer by the glass, wine by the bottle and wine slushies! The current wine list included white wines: Viognier, Riesling; Traminette; Imperial Gem; Dragonfly; Thumbelina and reds wines: Butterfly Kisses (Rose); Petit Verdot; Chambourcin; Pardon My Purple, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Royale Velvet (Port Style)!

They also offered two Sparkling wines! Guests are welcome to bring in some snacks. But cheese and crackers are available for purchase to enjoy with your wine.

The two RV Gypsies sat outside while Karen Duquette enjoyed some wines samples that she purchased while seated at the purple chairs and farm tables! But truthfully, she did not like any of them enough to buy the bottles, and these samples were small and costly. But she did like the fact that nobody sat with her explaining the samples, as has been the case at some of the other wineries.

Karen Duquette wine tasting The wine tasting samples

Below: Wine descriptions and prices offered.

Wine descriptions and prices offered Wine descriptions and prices offered
Wine descriptions and prices offered

Below: The water fountain not far from where the two RV Gypsies were sitting and enjoying the view. Plus a horse up on the hill, that could also be seen from their patio seats.

small but pretty water fountain horse

look below

go to the next adventure of the two RV Gypsies The next day, the two RV Gypsies took a day trip from Virginia into West Virginia to explore Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.


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