The Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers at
Canyon Creek Campground and RV Park
20 acres of secluded natural beauty on hi-way 97S

Hixon, British Columbia, Canada
Karen Duquette at the Welcom to Canyon Creek sign
sign - Canyon Creek Campground
Two two RV Gypsies enjoyed this campground, even though there was no sewer hookup. Kim and Merv Harvey own the campground, and they greeted the two RV Gypsies with big smiles, as they worked on improving the park by putting in a flower garden. The campsites were not packed tightly together, which was nice. There is a big wooded area by the river for tents and small RV's. And really clean laundry and restrooms for all. The two RV Gypsies do not brag about campgrounds very often partly because they are not campers and do not use most of the amenities that might be offered. They just set up their RV and go off enjoying the day, returning to sleep for the night, of course.
sign - Canyon Creek Campground
a metal dog outside the office
smile faceKim and Merv have a sense of humor. Here are SOME of the rules and courtesies while at Canyon Creek Campground:
bullet 1. Drive slowly - 8 Km/h - Dead Slow!
bullet 2. Quiet Hours 10:30 PM until 7:00 AM shhh! (Unless you invite Merv)
bullet 3. Swimming in the Creek is at your own risk. Drowned kids float to the Fraser River in about 1 hour and float into Vancouver in about 8 days.
a nice entry way to the park
sign - Canyon Creek Hixon BC
Below: The campsite of the two RV Gypsies while at Canyon Creek Campground and RV Park in Hixon, B.C. There was Wi-Fi at the park, but the two RV Gypsies could not get it connected. They closed the gates to the campground at 10:30 P.M. and reopened the gates at 6 A.M. for security purposes. No gate code - just locked gates. So it is not advised to go out late at night here.
the RV of the two RV Gypsies
the motorhome of the two RV Gypsies
the new yard of the two RV Gypsies
the side yard of the two RV Gypsies
after everyone left, AWO & MOB are alone
after everyone left, AWO & MOB are alone
Below: Lee Duquette waiving to new RV Friends.
Lee Duquette waving to his new friends
Below: Some campers did come and park near the two RV Gypsies for the week-end. As the two RV Gypsies made new friends, everyone got together around a campfire, talked, played bocce ball, admired the stars at night, and had a great time. The other RVers were local people and on occasion they called the two RV Gypsies "Florida." When they left they said to the two RV Gypsies, "Have a good time in Alaska and dress warm, if you Floridians even know what it means to dress warm". What a great sense of humor. Everyone exchanged information to keep in touch. Thanks you for letting us get to know you and we hope to hear from you soon.
chairs and campfire ready for friends
Lee checking the campfire
Below: This was actually the FIRST time the two RV Gypsies sat around a campfire while traveling. It was enjoyable because of the fun company.
Karen Duquette and a campfire around 11 pm
hot campfire
Below: The trails in the campground, tenting area, and Canyon Creek.
sign- fishing & gold panning
Lee on the bridge
Lee & Terri on the trail
the  creek
the  creek and trail
the  creek
the  creek
the  creek
the  creek
the  creek
a branch in the creek
the trail falling into the creek
Below: Canyon Creek
Canyon Creek at the side of the campground
Canyon Creek at the side of the campground
look below

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