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Karen and Lee Duquette went to several shows while in Williamsburg, Virginia.

FlashbackBut Rosie Rumpe's was the most fun and the most memorable.

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Rosie Rumpe's Regal Dumpe Dinner Theater
1402 Richmond Road
Williamsburg, VA 25185
September 24, 2002
Glashback buttontime running backwardsRosie Rumpe's Regal Dumpe logo

Karen and Lee Duquette went to Rosie Rumpe's Regal Dumpe Dinner Theater and had great food and funny entertainment.
Rosie Rumpe's menu
Rosie Rumpe's menu

Besides Rosie Rumpe, there were a lot of characters in the cast that performed all through the dinner session. After dinner, Lee Duquette was actually chosen to be in part of the show, and was put in a CAGE. Everyone was given a wooden spoon, called a "banger" and whenever someone banged it on the tables, everyone threw dinner rolls at Lee Duquette throughout the evening. They did not allow photos to be taken.

Rosie Rumpe

Because of Lee Duquette's participation in the show, they were given a coupon to return free within 6 months. Unfortunately, they were never in the area again, so were unable to use the coupon shown below.

appreciation coupon
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The Music TheatreKaren and Lee also went to The Music Theater for a show and enjoyed that too.

The Music Theater
about the Music Theater
about The Music Theater

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