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The two RV Gypsies at Harbor Springs
June 19, 2013

Harbor Springs is a city and resort community in Emmet County in the U.S. state of Michigan. Harbor Springs is in a sheltered bay on the north shore of the Little Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan. Founded by the Jesuits, Harbor Springs was once called L'Arbre Croche, which means Crooked Tree. In 1847, L'Arbre Croche had the largest concentration of Native Americans in Michigan. French traders renamed the area Petit Traverse (Little Traverse), when they arrived in the area. The village was eventually incorporated as Harbor Springs in 1880.

City of Harbora Spings and Zorn Park and Beach sign
Zorn Park and Beach
Harbor Springs Chamber of Commerce
boats at the piier

Below The two RV Gypsies enjoyed the view while having lunch at the pier.

The view of the two RV Gypsies while having lunch at the pier.
The view of the two RV Gypsies while having lunch at the pier.

laughing clipartWhile in Harbor Springs, Lee Duquette kissed a very fashionable lady who had sparkling lips.

Lee Duquette kisses a very fashionable lady in Harbor Springslips

Below: The two RV Gypsies strolled through downtown Harbor Springs, Michigan and took a few photos. Parking was free downtown. As the two RV Gypsies walked past a local bank, bank employees were barbecuing hot dogs in a grill on the middle of the sidewalk. They asked the two RV Gypsies if they wanted a free hot dog, but Lee wanted to have a nice relaxing lunch on the pier.

staute in front of stores at Harbor Spings, Michigan
staute in front of stores at Harbor Spings, Michigan

Below: Karen Duquette took this picture because it said Michigan's oldest family run restaurant, but then she realized it was out of business. Kind of sad!

Beautiful flowers

a restaurant
Beautiful flowers
decor in Harbor Springs
decor in Harbor Springs
sign about the GR and I Railroad Depot
Springs, Michigan
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