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The two RV Gypsies drove to Milford, Pennsylvania
and hiked at nearby Raymondskill Falls
August 2, 2014
USA map showing location of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania map showing location of Milford
welcome to Milford PA sign
an eagle statue

Milford is a borough in Pike County, Pennsylvania. Located on the upper Delaware River. Milford is part of the New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA Metropolitan Statistical Area, as well as the larger New York-Newark, NY-NJ-CT-PA Combined Statistical Area.

history bookThe area along the Delaware River had long been settled by the Lenape, an Algonquian-speaking indigenous tribe that lived in the mid-Atlantic coastal areas, including western Long Island, and along this river at the time of European colonization.

Milford was founded in 1796 after the American Revolutionary War as a United States settlement on the Delaware River by Judge John Biddis, one of Pennsylvania's first four circuit judges. He named the settlement after his ancestral home in Wales.

Grey Towers National Historic Site, the ancestral home of Gifford Pinchot, the noted conservationist, two-time Governor of Pennsylvania and first head of the U.S. Forest Service, is located in Milford. It has been designated a National Historic Landmark. (the link to photos and more about Grey Towers can be found below).

Jervis Gordon Grist Mill Historic District (which also has a link below), Hotel Fauchere and Annex, Metz Ice Plant, and Pike County Courthouse are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Nearby is Arisbe, the home of Charles S. Peirce, a prominent logician, philosopher and scientist in the late 19th century, and another NRHP property.

In September 2007, Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel named Milford second on its list of "Ten Coolest Small Towns" in Pennsylvania.

Raymondskill Falls sign

Raymondskill Falls is a series of three cascading waterfalls located on Raymondskill Creek, Pennsylvania near several other waterfalls in the area including Dingmans Falls (closed after Labor Day), Bushkill Falls (the two RV Gypsies were there in 2013), and Shohola Falls (which the two RV Gypsies did not find). Admission to Raymondskill Falls was free and worth it if you like waterfalls and are in the area. The two RV Gypsies were told that the trail to the river was very strenuous so they did not attempt that, but they loved Raymondskill Falls.

Raymondskill Falls  trail facts
Raymondskill Falls trail map

The three tiers of Raymondskill Falls have a combined height of approximately 150 feet, although they are in layers. The two RV Gypsies, as well as other people they met on the trail, did not find how to see all three layers at once. The total of all three layers, make it the tallest waterfalls in the state of Pennsylvania.

It is part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. There are two separate viewing platforms, plus the trail leading to the top of the falls, which is dramatic as the water cuts through the escarpment. The two RV Gypsies did not get to the top of the falls.

Below is the view form the first view point.

Then the falls flow onto a flat area and down over the huge rock cliff shown below.

Raymondskill Falls
Raymondskill Falls

Peeking through the trees at the falls as it continues flowing downwards.

fall foliage at Raymondskill Falls
fall foliage st Raymondskill Falls
fall foliage at Raymondskill Falls
fall foliage at Raymondskill Falls

Some of the terrain was a little difficult but most of the hike was easy, especially compared to Bushkill Falls. (To see photos of Bushkill Falls, use the TOC button above, then choose the Waterfalls button.)

rocky stairs at Raymondskill Falls
rocky stairs at Raymondskill Falls
tree stumps and stairs at Raymondskill Falls

The two RV Gypsies arrived at the second viewing point for Raymondskill Falls.

Lee Duquette at Raymondskill Falls
Karen Duquette at Raymondskill Falls
Raymondskill Falls
Raymondskill Falls
Raymondskill Falls
Karen Duquette at Raymondskill Falls
Karen Duquette at Raymondskill Falls

Below is a poster showing how Raymondskill Falls looks if one could get a photo of all three sections together.

Raymondskill Falls poster
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October 2-8, 2014
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Raymondskill Falls (this page)

Grey Towers National Historic Site

Jervis Gordon Grist Mill

Amazing tree sculpture in Milford

fall foliage

Hawk Mountain in Kempton

Coal Miner Statue in Minersville

Gettysburg National Military Park

River Beach Campsites in Milford

Echo Valley Campground in Tremont

Artillery Ridge Camping Resort in Gettysburg

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