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The two RV Gypsies went to
Jervis Gordon Grist Mill
150 Water Street
Milford, Pennsylvania
October 3, 2014

sign: The Jervis Gordon Grist Mill
Lee Duquette entering the Jervis Gordon Grist Mill

Jervis Gordon Grist Mill Historic District, also known as Milford Grist Mill and Rowe's Mill, is a historic late 19th century grist mill and National Historic District located in Milford, Pennsylvania.

The Jervis Gordon Grist Mill was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

The Jervis Gordon Grist Mill, now known as the Upper Mill, has been restored and is open for self-guided tours. Admission was free on this date.

the water wheel inside the Jervis Gordon Grist Mill
the water wheel inside the Jervis Gordon Grist Mill
the water wheel inside the Jervis Gordon Grist Mill

The Water Wheel Cafe is on the same property as the grist mill. The two RV Gypsies had a meatball sub (meatball grinder) there and it was good. The salad was not so great.

Water Wheel Cafe sign

The creek by the Water Wheel

a samll creek
sign in the garden

A big tin rooster on the porch
of the gift shop.

A USA flag, flying torn and tattered.

a big tin rooster
a USA flag in tatters - shame
Menu for the two RV Gypsies in Pennsylvania
October 2-8, 2014
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Raymondskill Falls

Grey Towers National Historic Site

Jervis Gordon Grist Mill (this page)

Amazing tree sculpture in Milford

fall foliage

Hawk Mountain in Kempton

Coal Miners' Statue in Minersville

Gettysburg National Military Park

River Beach Campsites in Milford

Echo Valley Campground in Tremont

Artillery Ridge Camping Resort in Gettysburg

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