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The two RV Gypsies drove from Tennessee, briefly through Missouri and then into Illinois and Karen Duquette took a few photos from the moving RV - July 7, 2020

bridge between Illinois and Missouri Missouri State Line sign
Mississippi River sign Welcome to Missouri sign

While Lee Duquette is driving in their RV, Karen Duquette always keeps her camera on her lap for entertainment purposes. Karen photographed the signs shown below, only because they have been to Lambert's Cafe in Alabama and now they know that there is also a Lambert's Cafe in Missouri. Unfortunately, they were unable to go there on this date.

Lambert's Cafe Throwed Rolls sign Lambert's Cafe Throwed Rolls sign
Trump sign

Karen Duquette often photographs water towers, if she finds them interesting and can photograph them while driving past. The Rend Lake Conservancy District in Illinois - one of the more unique water towers that they have seen.

Rend Lake Water Tower Rend Lake Wate Tower

The two RV Gypsies saw this cross (on the left below) I-70E in Effingham, Illinois in 2013 and again in 2020 travels. It is 198-feet tall. (Different years, different color, different angles).

big cross in Illinois
Jesus Saves cross

Below: A crop duster airplane flew over the two RV Gypsies' RV and Karen Duquette took a couple of photos.

crop duster airplane crop duster airplane

Below: Illinois State Capital building


Illinois State Capital building welcome to Terre Haute sign
Parke County sign monument

look below

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