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The two RV Gypsies in Lake City, SC
September 18, 2020

USA map showing location of North CarolinaSC map showing location of Florence CountySC map showing locationo f Lake City
Lake city mapLake City Logo

Lake City is a city in Florence County, South Carolina. Located in central South Carolina, it is south of Florence and included as part of the Florence Metropolitan Statistical Area.
History BookThe Lake City area was originally part of Williamsburg Township, which was first settled by a group of Scots-Irish in 1736. It was first called "Graham's Crossroads" and then "Graham", after Aaron Graham, a land owner around the crossroads that now form Church and Main streets in Lake City.

In 1856, the Northeastern Railroad built its main line through the area. This brought new growth to the community. On March 4, 1874, after requests from residents, a city charter was granted to the new town of Graham. On December 24, 1883, the town changed its name to "Lake City", after the swimming lakes just north of town. This was at the request of the locally-serving Lynches Lake Post Office, since there was another post office in South Carolina known as that.

This small town had a population of 300 in 1893, and by 1898 the area had become the leading strawberry cropland in South Carolina.

Lake City was the site of a notorious lynching on February 22, 1898, that resulted in the mob murders of the city's black postmaster and his infant daughter.

Lake City was at one time called the "Bean Capital of the World", and the Bean Market downtown has now been converted into an event rental and civic center facility. The building was built in 1936 by the Public Works Administration (PWA), and was a central hub for farmers across the South to get their beans to market. The building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing property in the Lake City Downtown Historic District. Also listed on the National Register of Historical Places is the W.T. Askins House.
Above quotes from,_South_Carolina

Welcome to Lake City Sign Lake City Water Tower
Downtown Lake City banner

Below: History BookSide 1 and side 2 of the sign telling about the Palmetto State Bank Robbery.

Palmeto State Bank Robbery sign side 1 Palmetto State Bank Robbery side 2

Below: History BookA two-sided sign telling about the H.H. Singletary Building.

H.H. Singletary Building sign side 1 H.H. Singletary Building sign side 2
yellow butterfly on a flower a very large East Main Street sign

Below: History Book A two-sided Sign about Lake City

Sign about Lake City -side 1 Sign about Lake City -side 2

Below: Two of three metal art near a street corner in Lake City.

metal art metal art

Below: A beautiful community green, one that offers up a true sense of place for downtown Lake City, South Carolina.

Village Green flower in the Village Green

Below: The Village Green Eagle sits on top of a bed of flowers facing inward toward the city's main public venue for arts and entertainment.

The Village Green Eagle The Village Green Eagle

Below: The two RV Gypsies ate at the Green Frog Social House. It is not very classy inside. Karen Duquette's chicken was over-cooked, tough and chewy. Lee Duquette did not like his meal either.

The bench in the alley along side of Green Frog was full of mold. UGH! Do NOT sit there!

Green Frog Social House Restaurant a moldy bench

Below: Karen Duquette took a "selfie" using a round mirror on a sculpture.

Karen Duquette's selfie Karen Duquette's selfie
flowers flowers
flower flower

look below

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